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  • mostironicplace Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem - I just noticed that several of my albums by the Roots are pulling down clean versions from the cloud on my other computers.  I haven't wiped out the data on the original computer, so nothing is lost, but it's really annoying.

  • davejr160 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's annoying mostly because they haven't acknowledged the problem and charge you money for "matching" your songs, when in fact that not what is going on. I wish I knew before hand and I wouldn't have paid for it. I started using Google Music last week and it works well on multiple machines.

  • wonderspark Level 1 (0 points)

    I got a generic "we're working on it" email from Rasheed or something at Apple. Kinda bothersome that they assume that we're going to put up with paying them to beta-test their unfinished product. Apple used to care a lot more about the little details.


    I was going to buy a new iPod to replace my old one that won't hold a charge anymore, but this is the last straw. Now, I'm looking for a new solution that doesn't involve iCloud or iPods that don't have servicable batteries and won't play the right songs.

  • xspoon Level 1 (0 points)

    First off I would like to say you and I are in the same boat, but I look at it a little different.


    I would not say that is anyway to look at it. I am a little frustrated but lets put this into perspective.


    1) One can uploaded all of their collection (up to 25k) of music and 95% is updated to 256k

    2) I stream my entire collection via my iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Computers

    3) I want a song and it just works


    This is reality. There are few songs I have that were switched and even a few songs that stayed 192k. But saying I am going to bail on the idea that will be fixed (as we all know version 1 from Apple works normally 98% the fix makes the brand) is what we are waiting for in the near future. Apple will make it right soon as they always do. That is why people keep coming back. I knew going in to the iCloud and Music Match would give me some issues. As long as my issues are not the end of the world (like my entire collection gets erased) then I am okay for the time being.


    If you must, - GO - enjoy the fruits from the others.. They are worse and more fragmented than Apples position.


    In the end (which is soon) Apple will fix the whole picture, because they have in the past. But for now I stream my music through my iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Computers. Not a bad service to have all my music achieve all that for $25. Before Music Match it sucked.


    My hope for the near future:


    1) Apple fixes the match to the proper song type (Explicit or Clean) - Mine was switched from Clean to Explicit

    2) Apple gives the option to purchase more space (how about 50,000 songs for $50 a year)

    3) Apple updates everything I have suggested via the suggestion area on


    We're good...

  • OWN3D Level 1 (0 points)

    I say he has the right to be as upset as he wants to be, if he's had continuous negative experiences then its only natural that he's fed up. 


    As for me, it is unacceptable that my music has been replaced.  I can't relax with my music anymore because when I sing along in my head and the next word is scratched/bleeped out, it completely blows the mood and the irritation reaches new heights. 

  • xspoon Level 1 (0 points)

    I got that.. I am there with you but I have music that was changed from clean to explicit. Try playing that music around your children


    I just think giving it a little more time so there can be a fix is acceptable. I was not the first to jump into the cloud but I knew it was a little overcast. Still, the service is pretty amazing if you take a step back and look at the basics. Others have tried and are not coming close to what Apple has delivered so far even with this hicup.


    Because of this service I have rediscovered my music again. For that I will give Apple a little more time.


    But Apple better fix it


    Just my 25 cents (inflation you know)

  • davejr160 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not sure where you get those numbers? Out of my 19k library, about 7k were matched. Most ripped from CD's. Out of those ones matched, an enormous amount were edited. So I got what, a few thousand that were right..maybe? Doesn't sound like 95% to me. I've been an apple user since the beginning and I can't remember a worse product that was introduced by them. It just plainly doesn't work as advertised.


    As far as competitors being fragmented...since I had to upload most of my library with apple, I gave Google Music a try and havent encountered one problem in the last two weeks of using it and it works on anything with a browser. So am I paying just for the sake of using iTunes across devices? Seems that way. Pretty bogus. False advertising + paying for beta testing = bad product.  I'm hoping they fix it and I don't have to completely jump ship. Luckily for Apple, the users will put up with more issues. If it was another company they would be dropped in no time.

  • xspoon Level 1 (0 points)

    Well out of my 21k of songs that was what I came up with. All of my music was from CD and it took 6 months for me to get those on my computer as 192k Mp3 years ago.


    I got what your saying. As I said I am there with you. I just am taking more of a different approach. If Google is better then I would suggest you upload your music to Google and use that service. I on the other hand will stay here and wait a few. MobileMe started off the same way but ended up working great for me and others I know.


    Now iCloud and Music Match are in the starting phase. I will be a little patient. Google has had tons of failures that they always mask by slapping Beta on everything. They had plenty of issues when they launched "Google Music Beta". I watched live when they launched the service.They do not come close to the user base, record labels, nor the complixity of iTunes.


    With that I wish you the best but all I ask is take a breath. You get a lot for $25

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 (1,785 points)

    xspoon wrote:


    They are worse...


    Obviously all services like this have their advantages and disadvantages, but Apple's version is giving people the wrong version of songs, with no way to fix it, and no way to get the right tracks onto devices without disabling the service.  Is that problem happening with the alternatives?


    No question that Apple's cloud service is more ambitious and tries to do more.  But if it doesn't actually work, and makes it so users are unable to listen to all their music, that's kind of a deal breaker.


    And "be patient" is hard to swallow considering this is a service people pay per year.  At the rate things are going it may be time to renew the annual fee without things being fixed.  Apple should apologize for the problems and offer an extension of a few months to cover the time the service is buggy, in some cases to the point of being unusable.

  • Slicecom Level 2 (290 points)

    I have this problem too, and its more than a little annoying. I'm really hoping that Apple adds a simple "Explicit" or "Clean" option where I can switch ALL my tracks back to Explicit. I detest censored music, and now some of my music is and some isn't, with no rhyme or reason.

  • Thijxx Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. Unsubscribing right now.

  • OWN3D Level 1 (0 points)

    This is unbelievable, 10.7.3 released, and there's absolutely no mention of fixing iTunes Match!  I want my music back!

  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    Your music isn't gone. The original files are still in your iTunes library. Simply disable iTM on your iDevice, sync the music you want to keep original and re-enable iTM is you want to.

  • Anthony C. Kay Level 1 (80 points)

    Well, considering that iTunes Match is part of iTunes, you shouldn't be expecting 10.7.3 (an OS update) to fix it. Apple doesn't update iTunes when it updates OSX.


    As for this issue with explicit vs clean, I opened a support ticket with Apple and they're working on it. You may wish to do the same, the more people who raise it as an issue, the more pressure they'll be under to fix it.

  • wonderspark Level 1 (0 points)

    You also have to watch for live concert versions replacing album versions. Found several tracks like that in the middle of an album. Only 9000 more tracks to check. Wheee!


    Apple did offer to refund me and remove my iTunes Match, which I'm happy about.


    I've been re-ripping a lot of music lately, thanks to this mess.