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I have been printing wirelessly with a printer's USB cable plugged into an Airport Extreme. Today the wireless printing stopped working, evidently because the Airport Extreme no longer sees the printer:

-- The Airport Utility shows no printer connected the Airport Extreme, so of course...

-- The Epson Printer Utility says the printer is Offline (not connected).

-- And Print & Scan shows the printer Offline (red dot).


However, when I plug the printer's USB cable into a USB hub, the Printer Utility and Print & Scan show the printer as connected and online, and it the printer works fine.


How can I make the Airport Extreme see the USB printer so I can do wireless printing again?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 21.5", 12 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA HD
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    Fixed it. 

    First, I got the Airport Extreme to see the printer, by checking the WAN selection. Had it always been checked, and then unchecked itself?

    Then the other two computers in the house could  print wirelessly, but not the main computer that had the printer on it. In a Print dialog box, the printer had an error mark by it.

    But that became fixed when I scrolled the printer list in a Print dialog box, and saw the printer listed again. I checked it, and the box offered to set it up.

    After that, the main computer could also print wirelessly.

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    Big thanks to vintage42. Had exact same problem.The WAN checkbox apparently unchecked itself over a weekend - spooky or what?

    However it took me a while to find The WAN checkbox (which only appears when you access the manual AE setup).