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    DUH, let me ask a more basic question. I am on iMac > iTunes 11.1.4. > Music. None of the songs has a cloud icon. It is seeing only the library that is already on the hard drive. I'd like to replace with the updated Match version. How do I "see" the Match version to download it? Note: I did subscribe to Match and it uploaded all my "info." Some of the songs at the end of the library show that they did not match, thus, apparently, all the others did.

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    Perhaps this iMac, which has all my music on it, is too old. It is running OSX 10.7.5.

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    Having talked to Technical Support, I think the reason the songs aren't available for download is because they are already downloaded. They play from the hard drive when the computer is disconnected from WIFI. It's confusing because all these songs were on this iMac before I ever subscribed to Match. So how do I know if I have the higher quality Match version on my hard drive?


    Eventually, I plan on getting a new iMac and downloading the music from Match onto it. Then there will be no question. Songs that Match couldn't match I'll copy off the old computer and put into the new one.

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    Yes I just did it.  Works great.  All the updated itunes quality music came down.  Just make sure you have it backed up in case.

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    I find the easiest way is to create a new smart playlist :


    Location is not on this computer

    Location is in iCloud


    Will give you a playlist containing anything that needs to be downloaded.


    The solution that I used for jforts problem where you have just turned itunes match on and you want to download the matched version of your old music onto your computer.


    Create a smart Playlist:

    iCloud Status is Matched

    Kind does not contain AAC

    Media Kind is Music


    Delete everything from your library that is in that playlist.

    Download everything in that playlist from iCloud.

    This only works if your old music is not AAC encoded. (eg. MP3's)

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    One other thing that might be of interest is that i noticed that when was getting my music only from the cloud .. (As match also removed my local music without asking) is that it seems not all of the tracks are displayed when you are on 3g. I have a couple of longer tracks that just dont show as being available to pull from the cloud when you are not on wifi. This is a double whammy of inconvenience from my perspective .. In fact they dont even appear. For a while i thought i had got confused about which album the tracks were in but then i got back to my wifi and magically they were back again.

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    I thought the iTunes Match Service was like Dropbox but for your iTunes library.  It would be better if you could choose weather or not songs were automatically downloaded per each device you have. 

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    Downloading from Match to an iOS device is by choice (and NOT automatic). If Show all Music is turned on, all of the cloud stored tracks are visible, but not downloaded until you choose to do so.

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    That is a valid point.  If there is an option to download each song (which there is), I believe there should be a "download all" button.  The service would be more fluent and require less manual maintenance from users.  The cloud is about services being in sync but my music doesn't sync as fluently as it could.  It's a minor inconvenience considering all the things that do work well amongst Apple products.

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    Many thanks Paul.  Exactly what I was looking for and saved me alot of thrawling

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