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I had some trouble with duplicate calendar entries in Calendar with iCloud and Siri, showing duplicate entries in my iPhone, but not on my macbook pro. I've now set the iphone to show just iCloud entries, which seems to have fixed duplicate entries in Calendar, but when I ask Siri what I'm doing today or if I slide down the quick view, it shows some of my entries twice - how do I delete duplicate entries there if Calendar is only showing the iCloud calendars?


Before I changed the settings, iCloud tried to sync 7 calendars -

Yahoo (I forgot I even had this one)

home .mac

work .mac

home itunes account

work itunes account

icloud home

icloud work

iCloud Calendar (not sure why it has this one too)


In Calendar it now just shows -

iCloud home

iCloud work

I unticked iCloud Calendar but it still shows duplicates when I ask Siri 'what am I doing on XX'. I can't find a setting to change it.

Solved by Demonlawyer on Dec 21, 2011 12:36 AM Solved

I think I resolved this. I turned the calendar sync in settings off and on and all the duplicates disappeared