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Well the title says it all, I got a Macbook late 2008 and I installed Windows 7 32-bit with boot camp and I never heard the fan. I google it many times with different questions but seems no one got this problem, or no one has a Macbook anymore just Pros and Airs now...


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Reply by The hatter on Nov 17, 2011 3:35 PM Helpful

Silence is not golden. The fans don't come on normally like they do OS X

It is a problem.


Force the fans with InputRemapper


Monitor temps closely


MacBook etc any really do run hotter becasue Windows doesn't and Apple doesn't have their own optimized "speedfan" and you can find threads to that effect.


99% is not fully compatible and this is one area. Battery life is another, shorter. There are a couple other things to look for.

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