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I enabled iTunes match on my iphone 4s and quickly realized it was not for me.  So I decided to leave it enabled only for iTunes.  I turned the toggle off in settings on the iPhone.  Then I just did a manual sync from itunes of the music I wanted on the phone like I have always done.  So one would think it is off and fine.  But when I swipe to delete a song on the iPhone, it shows the little cloud logo for itunes match and I am able to redownload it.  How is this possible?

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    I think turning itunes match off while it is still trying to load something causes hiccups. So you need to start fresh again as best you can.


    Here is what I did.  First I went to Settings>General>Usage, then in the storage section, I tap on Music app, then hit the edit button and then delete(This will delete locally store music so be sure you have a backup in the cloud or on your computer first).  Now I turned ON itunes match on the iPhone while connected to wifi.  Then I opened the Music app and waited for the pinwheel to go away(loading album art etc).  So at this point, there is no physical music on the iphone, however I have access to and see all of my music in itunes match available for download.  Then I went back to settings and turned OFF itunes match on the iPhone.  If this has worked correctly and everything is gone, it should say "No Content, You can download music from iTunes"  when you open the music app.  If it does not or you see a playlist or genius or anything, then there is still something left over.


    From here, I chose to sync my music via itunes and leave itunes match off on the iphone.  You may want to try turning itunes match back on the iphone if thats what you are wanting.

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    I'm having problems after turning off Match, as well. I noticed the same thing with the cloud icon everywhere. I followed mkiitmr2's steps and things got a little better, but I still have trouble with tracks that will not sync from my computer. Anything that I downloaded while iTunes Match was on will not sync. It was only about 30 tracks or so, but no matter what I do, they just won't show up on my phone. It's pretty annoying.

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    Fantastic walk through. I've been having nightmares since the album artwork and what not wouldn't sync. Plus, I disliked how I couldn't manually manage your iPhone's music via my Macbook Pro. I upgraded all my music to the higher quality and that was it. Thank you for your help

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    Thank you! great step by step..im outta this nightmare!!

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    I was having this same issue.  Nothing I tried worked (including the recommendations above).  I finally contacted iTunes support via email.  I got the following response and it worked like a charm!


    1) Quit App Store in multi-tasking.

    ***Please close all open apps on your phone***

    2) Tap Settings.

    3) Tap Safari.

    4) Tap Clear History.

    5) Tap the Clear History button.

    6) Tap Clear Cookies and Data.

    7) Tap the Clear Cookies and Data button

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    worked for me! thanks a lot! itunes match is really a pain in the ***. i asked for a refund!

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    This step-by-step worked for me but I had to go back and delete my music library four times before everything was erased. Very happy to be able to manage my own library through iTunes now.

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    I followed these instructions and managed to get iTunes Match really turned off on my iPhone. (Just switching it off didn't work.) It also had the side effect of removing all artwork and genres that iTunes Match got completely wrong, so my music collection is usable again. Thanks.

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    Contacted Apple Support level two because my new iPhone 6 Plus that was restored from my iPhone 4S kept saying that I had iTunes Match turned ON when I did not and could not find a way to turn it off.  Therefore, I could not manually sync my music to either phone and all my music on the iPhone 4S was erased.  iTunes still had all my music but could not transfer or copy to the iPhones. 


    Fix was simple.  On each phone, go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, click on Apple ID: xxxxx  and sign out....  Then sign in again with your password.  Connect your iPhone (s) to your computer and when going to each iPhone and clicking on Music, it now allows you to manually sync music and playlists and no longer says ' iTunes Match is turned on'...


    I think problem stemmed from restoring my iPhone 4S to my new iPhone 6 Plus; somehow, I was connected to iTunes Match ( I discontinued iTunes Match quite a few months ago after I found that on a slow DSL connection or paying for Data it was not an option.)  The Apple customer support person said I was not on iTunes Match in their computer.

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    This worked - simple fix - worked on an iPhone 6.  I also made sure it was disconnected from the computer and then signed back into iTunes on my phone, then reconnected it to my computer to sync.

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    Thanks, MrBriarPatch, this worked a charm for me, too.