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movie lady Level 2 Level 2

my ibook keeps shutting down completely with the date to reverting back to 1969.  i restart only after i plug in charger it lets me, then change date and save.  the next time i use same thing happens, safari, iphoto, email are the only ones i have used.


please help!  i am at a loss here.


thank you, movie lady


ibook g4

imac, ibook, airport extreme, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 Level 8

    The iBook does not have a backup (PRAM) battery. It only has the main battery and a small capacitor which maintains the settings long enough to do a battery swap. If the battery is dead, what you are seeing can happen.


    If the battery is not a problem (or even if it is), you could try resetting the PMU and see if that helps.

  • movie lady Level 2 Level 2

    thank you ronda for the post.  i will try it and see.  one thing i have noticed is that i still have the battery charged when it happens.  the bar will be half way down.  it won't let me turn back on until i plug in the charger then it starts up.  if that makes sense, 


    thanks for the post.. will try it and post back.

  • jamesfromlos molinos Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iBook too, and the same thing happens to me, because the battery is cooked. The battery will not hold a charge anymore. You can replace the battery, but the battery is worth more than the computer.