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    I don't think it was to do with the password, because the password I used yesterday did not have 3 consecutive or repeating numbers. That said, I tried verifying again this morning and everything works! Even additional email addresses associated with the same Apple ID. Very weird that it just works, but I'm not complaining about that! Still, it should've worked the first time around anyway.

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    Yes, I verified this morning, as well.  Almost certainly a server issue... having to do with Black Friday?  Who knows.  Still the world's stupidest error message to say that it was somehow the user's ID that was bad.

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    Mine FINALLY works now!!!!  Someone else posted this on another thread:


    I am having the same issue with my iPhone 4s, I called customer service and the guy said it is a problem with their servers and to try again tomorrow. Super frustrating, super disappointing


    I just with Apple would have posted something saying that the servers were overloaded though- that was REDICULOUS!!!!

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    I can see from many posts on here that the problem has been rectified. My partner however is not so lucky, I am writing this post as we have tried almost evrything to rectify this. Much to our dismay. Does anyone actually know how to fix this issue or do we have to set up a new account ?????

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    Assuming your problem is exactly the same as the one listed here, I think the answer is that during major gift-giving times (like Christmas and Thanksgiving), the Apple servers just can't keep up with the demand for creating new AppleIDs.  My suggestion is to hold on for a day to see if it's fixed.  If not, bring it to a local Apple Store or email customer service.

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    Mine/iPod touch says apple id has not been.

    Verified yet and i press ok then it says do u want to verifie now I press ok it takes me to this. Thing and says couldn't connect to iTunes store and try sighing in it says the. Same thing so if theres any 1 out there that knows Plz help me thanks 4 reading this post and would like 4 u to help me ok I hope there's someone that can help me THANKS :D

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    It's the end of February and I'm having the same problem.  I call their support and get the automated system that tells me to go to their website.  ARGHHHH! I've wasted 2 hours of my Friday night on this.   I can't believe that even with the hundreds of posts from people with the same problem that a) it hasn't been fixed yet and b) no one has thought to respond on this thread.   Seriously not impressed with apple. 

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    ok how do i do at

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    I make my apple ID , but i have to verify it.I open mail but  there arent any link for verify.Why?Ideas?

    Please help!!

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    Hello everyone..... I have the same problem I can't verify my apple I'd......anyone can help me?????

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    same here in Philippines. What happen to apple? please fix this issue sooon.. tnx

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    maybe its because we all chose the free account ?!

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    oh noooo! i'm using my friends apple account. i tried to make my own account but I CAN'T VERIFY IT! Itunes always ask me to verify, and i've been resending the verify to my email for almost 20x now but still no verification! HELP HELP HELP

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