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Today ive tried to move (restore) one partition of hdd to another and get error like "problem with file system" or some like that. When i pressed "OK", my hdd was formatted with all my work and files (videos, photos, documents, music and etc). MacHD with system work fine, but other partitions have gone. In Disk Utility says that i cant do anything with HDD, couse its locked (***?! O_O). All disks was in ExFAT file system, couse im used them in Windows 7 too (on same mac). I have TimeCapsule, but she synced only with system partition.


So... I want to ask: How can i restore my data? I cant beleive that all was deletet permanently - its gone in 1 second - i cant remember so fast formatting in MacOS. May be i can get out hdd and try it to use in Windows-PC? Or what can i try? Im using Mac Pro 5,1 with 2 hdd (second, where is only videos, working perfect right now. In ExFAT too, like other).


Uh, almost forgot: on first HDD with Lion i have 2 partitions that wasnt delete: MacHD (Lion 10.7.2) and Boot (Clone of Lion install for system restore). Both in Mac OS X Extended file system format.


Tried to login in Windows installation from disk - dvd isnt loaded with error "on your primary partition installed /wrong/ (im not remember) bootloader and windows bcd cant be loaded. Please, delete your bootloader and run Windows installation again"


Tried to boot into OSX Lion installation: my hdd is clean there. Rebooted to Lion again - dont want to touch disk with hope, that my data still inside.



Waiting 4 our answer. Sorry 4 bad english (i from Ukraine).

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)