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Upgraded my wife's iPod Touch4 to 5.0.1 and lost my internet connection (home Wifi).  My iPhone4 (5.0.1) continues to work.  Have "restored" and reset network.  Spent time on the phone with Apple.  Ended up with advice to go to an Apple Store.  Software glich suspected.


Option suggested:  Restore, then create name for the iPod.  That will remove all software.  If all works, restore Apps and data only.


Have not tried this because I am not sure how to do so and my wife would be unhappy if I lose her data!


Any thoughts?



iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1
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    Delete the Wi-Fi entries.

    Reboot iPod Touch (Hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for about 10secs or more till Apple logo appears)

    then log-in again.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it did not work.

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    Try reset the router and if that didn't help have look into this



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    I upgraded to the latest firmware for my router, after saving the settings.  Immediately, my iPod Touch connected to the router and the wireless internet.  However, I had no security.  I re-loaded my saved setting and was out of "touch" with the internet again.  Looks like the iPod Touch does not like WPA security (64 character password of numbers and letters), or WPA security will not allow iPod Touch to connect.


    I have D-Link DIR-655.  Works with all my family's devices and worked with iOS 4.


    Anyone (including Apple) have any suggestions?

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    Mine is connected using WPA2 with AES encryption.

    Is your router WMM On?

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    Thank you.


    WMM is enabled and has been all along.


    I tried "Guest Zone" without security and was not able to access the router.


    Have not tried WPA2.

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    I contacted D-Link by email and the problem is solved in < 24 hours.  Would have been faster but I had to sleep last night and had to work today.

    I upgraded to a new firmware -- just a week or two old.  I set up the wireless network with a new password.  The iPod Touch with iOS 5.0.1 now works just fine, as do all of my other network devices.


    D-Link is the best -- I am using a  D-Link DIR 655 Router.


    Thanks to all who offered advice.



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    my little brother has as an ipod touch 4th gren we are having truoble with he's wifi back on his ipod tocuh Plz Help

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    patriciafromsaskatoon, start a new post and include what happens when you try to connect and if the iPod connects to other networks and any other information.

    patriciafromsaskatoon wrote:


    my little brother has as an ipod touch 4th gren we are having truoble with he's wifi back on his ipod tocuh Plz Help