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  • maryanne36 Level 1 Level 1

    any update on your nano? has it been delivered yet?

  • markfromsaratoga Level 1 Level 1



    I'll try giving a call tomorrow.


    If Apple had just said from the beginning to allow 8-12 weeks to recieve the box, that would be different. As it was, I expected it within a few days so I am left wondering.

  • snmorrison Level 1 Level 1

    My replacement came today via UPS.  I have been seeing the words "replacement pending" on the Apple site since November 25th and so it has taken the full 6 weeks.


    The replacement is a 6th generation nano (new) with 8GB memory.  The thing I was most concerned about was whether my original Bose Soundock would work with whatever nano I received as a replacement.  I bought the soundock (which is amazing by the way) early on in around 2007 and my kids then got i-pod nano's (generations 2 & 3) which would not work with it.  I was therefore quite concerned that I didn't want an ipod nano 6th generation as a replacement if it wasn't going to work with the Bose soundock..


    However - I am happy to report that the nano 6 works on the original Bose Sounddock and so how can anybody be unhappy. I have 4 times the memory of my original 2GB ipod nano and although I did like that original styling I think that Apple have done us proud !

  • weecey Level 1 Level 1

    Wow buzzing seen all these post so thought i know i'll send my nano 1st gen off last week and to my delight i recieved an i phone 4 s ,£50 voucher for i tunes,unlimited call time for a year,free texts forever and they sent my original i pod fixed from apple this morning,was annoyed it took a week but good things come to those who wait

  • snmorrison Level 1 Level 1

    Your not really helping people with such ridiculous posts are you ! Lets hope that the genuine people showing that they got an ipod nano (6th generation) will be of some comfort to those still waiting.  Grow up !

  • stuberma Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, but Weecey isn't lying. I saw the posts of people getting the 6th Gen. Nano back, but I got something similar as Weecey. I got an iPhone 4 (not 4S) with a 1 year free contract with unlimited data, messaging, and 450 min. Talking. I thought I was the only one, so i didn't say anything. I got a case, no iTunes gift card though.

  • michelio Level 1 Level 1

    To the two so far stating they got iphones: That seems extremely odd. Any chance you got that from someone for the holidays? Especially if you recieved your fixed ipod you sent in...



    what do you mean 1 yr free??? You were sent an iphone that included free service for a year?

    Wow! Thank whoever sent you that but I don't think it was courtesy of apple...



    did you really just send your ist gen back last week and already received it back fixed and a new iphone ect... Not bloody likely! Find out who set you up with the iphone and service and give them a kiss cuz it was not from apple.


    Fluke? People trippin??? I seriously think they were given these iphone by someone other than apple


    I am getting a 6th gen and it is arriving tomorrow. Fed ex called with a message stating that I will recieve a package tomorrow that will need to be signed for. That is awesome! I already thought that was the case since someone on here said they had to sign for theirs and I confirmed this on fed ex tracking shipment info. But to call and let me know was above and beyond I think. Thanks Fed ex


    I started this process on Dec 2nd and will have mine in habd on jan 10th.... Not even the full 6 weeks but it was the wait for the return box/envelope that took more than half the time...


    Good luck to all! I hope we all get free iphones and service!!! But, either way,

    I will be happy with my shiny new nano

  • rfromgort Level 1 Level 1

    Just got my replacement Silver 6th Gen Nano 8GB, no iPhone 4s! it took 8 weeks but worth the wait so anyone who is still waiting sit tight you will get it in time, Thanks Apple, great PR programme!

  • Johan344 Level 1 Level 1

    I also got my replacement unit today. I was shocked when I saw the 6th generation Nano 8 Gb. Suprised suprised indeed.. it works great tough... thanks Apple.. I definitely buy your next iPhone for sure.. this is how you should please your costumers

  • alex_matth Level 1 Level 1

    free text forever? come on... at least make it sound believeable!!!

  • giovarco Level 1 Level 1

    I was proud of the arrive of my new ipod nano, until I realized that i couldnt use it anymore because my computer is a G4 Mac mini with tiger (Not upgradable to Leopard!). Now i have  a veeery beautiful iPod ,not usable for me!!!


    2 solutions:



    1) buy a new Mac

    2) buy an old Windows PC (The ipod works with Windows Vista!!! but not wit Tiger MACOS !!!!!)


    I have used Apple since 1995 (MacOs 7.1) and i Never could think such a thing


    But, at least I have been saved from an Explosion of the Battery.


    Great Apple...

  • Feb84Mac Level 1 Level 1

    I returned my black 1st gen iPod nano for replacement, received a 6th gen replacement yesterday. I don't want it and would like to return it for any refurbished 1st gen nano. Has anyone figured out a way to do that? Since most posts here like the 6th gen replacement, it would seem that Apple could get a 1st gen replacement to the few who want it.

  • cicerogirl Level 1 Level 1

    Unforunately, that is not possible because 1) there is no process in place to permit that (OR to request a refurb 1G instead of a new 6g) and 2) they are NOT refurbishing the ones they are collecting (although you can still apparently PAY Apple to fix a broken 1G nano)... they are pulling out what few parts that can be used in other generation nanos and then are scrapping the rest.


    I regret sending my 1G in as well, and spent over an hour on the phone with a Sr Support person and a Customer Satisfaction liason (or whatever her title was) when I found out that they were sending 6Gs out (and I had already sent my 1G back).  Unfortunately, you are out of luck.... and now that word of the replacement program has spread, the price of used and refurbished 1G nanos has skyrocketed on eBay, etc.

  • UKAnon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm just wondering, I checked Apple today and it said that my product replacement has been shipped [13th Jan], but when I try to track it on UPS, it says that it's unable to find the package. Anyway, I was just wondering, how long did UK customers have to wait in between the product being shipped and actually receiving it?

  • Rudy R Level 1 Level 1

    I too regret sending in my 1st gen. It was still functional but I thought I'd better send it in to avoid any future battery problems. Since I used it in the dock most of the time, my battery was still serviceable. I have a collection of almost all models and I have a 6th Generation Nano - a fantasic product by the way. 


    I don't blame Apple, I don't see that they had any other option. The quantity of the returns clearly overwhelmed them and it wasn't realistic to expect them to crank out new replacement parts. For most people, a new 6th gen iPod nano is a great deal, especially if your unit was dead or abused. It's only those of us who collect or value to the original design that have regrets.


    In my case, I wish I hadn't been so quick to respond. I would still have my very nice 1st gen in it's dock, a valued part of my collection.


    I'm over it, moving on...