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  • wgoulbourne Level 1 (0 points)

    I havent been waiting quite as long but about two weeks

  • flemma Level 1 (0 points)

    im now on the 6th week since theyve recieved my old one and changed the status to product replacement pending,other people have requested a box,sent theirs off and recieved their replacement in that time

  • Yositimy Level 2 (235 points)

    My timeline was something like this.  I toyed with keeping my functional gen 1 for a few weeks and waited till 16 November to request a replacement. I received a return envelope, not a box, on 3 Jan (7 weeks) which was returned to Apple by 7 Jan. The replacement 6 gen was shipped 17 Jan, but because it was delivered signature required and I was out of town, I had to drive to the Fedex store to pick it up. It would have been more convenient to use US mail as the post office is just around the corner. The distance between the earphone and dock connector is just a bit smaller on the gen 6 than gen 1, so I have a few now useless gen 1 accessories.  Oh well.

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    I received my replacement on Friday Jan 20th. I can't get it to charge or get it to be recognized on itunes. I tried charging it through the usb on my computer & also through the wall adapter. I have tried everything on the apple support list & nothing works. I can't contact apple unless I purchase the one time support for $29 which is a rip off. I had no problems with my first gen & had debated using the replacement program. Anyone know how I can get in touch with them without paying, since it is their fault that it's not working? Thanks

  • cicerogirl Level 1 (145 points)

    No, you do NOT have to pay the charge.  Your replacement nano came with a 90-day warranty.  Call them and give them the serial number for it.

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    @pradeepfrommumbai did you receive any update from apple about your replacement ? has anybody in india got replacement till date?

  • pradeepfrommumbai Level 1 (0 points)

    Apperantly not.


    Neither Apple Care nor Service Provider are of any help !

    Get a very stock reply the we will contact you when we receive the replacement.

    It is now more than 10 weeks since I handedover my iPod Nano to the Service Provider.

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    I sent my ipod nano in to apple. They received it Jan 13. I've been waiting for apple to send me my nano back for over 4 weeks now. I'm in the US. If there are people here who've been waiting 10 weeks, I'm probably going to lose it before it gets back to me. I appreciate apple replacing our potentially explosive ipods and all, but that ipod was my primary music device.... : (

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    After 10 weeks I finally got my replacement Ipod. Do not trust on the online status. Mine said "Dec. 2nd: product replacement pending", but when I called Apple after waiting 7 weeks they told me my case was closed by mistake. They had to reopen it. Even now the online status still shows "product replacement pending". If you have been waiting more than 6 weeks call Apple, it does take a while to talk with a representative (took me 30 minutes).

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    In my case, it took 10 weeks and several calls to Apple

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    I've been waiting around ten weeks since I sent my iPod in too, only they lost mine and only recieved it on the 23rd of Jan. I sent it in on the 1st December, my status didn't change for a few weeks so I called and they said they had it there, just the christmas rush was holding it up. After Christmas it didn't change either, so I called again and they told me it hadn't arrived. So now, after just under 3 months since I started the whole process (16th November) i'm still waiting. Really hope my "product replacement pending" wont take as long as it has for you guys since they recieved yours.

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    Anyone of you got the replacement in the end?

    I am in Hongkong, made the replacement register in Geniur bar and told to wait notification in 6-8 weeks.

    No apple called. So I called apple.  I was told they won't issue notice, I need to make a Genius reservation to collect it.

    When I went there, apple said no more new original available, they were all been replaced, and would just give me back a 5th/6th gen model...

    What a pathetic joke...I didn't turn in my burnt-while-charging nano.  Rather keep a Steve legacy for memory.  Apple is rotting quickly.

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    Got one replacement which was fine.


    So I sent in the second first gen Nano-which worked fine-and received a defective replacement unit. I called and was told sorry, it is out of warranty (I had it maybe 4 weeks) and Apple wants money up front to talk to a technical advisor or drive 90 miles to the nearest Apple store.


    Nice. Very nice.

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    All replacement 6G units come with a 90-day warranty. call them back and complain again.   If you still have the email or any of the packaging to prove that it was a replacement, they will HAVE to provide service or replacement for the defective unit free of charge.

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    It took some argument with a female who had a hard time speaking understandable English, but eventually I was transferred to a guy who said he was a technical advisor. He gave me a case number, and I have until the end of the year to go to an Apple store and get a replacement. I can live with that.


    The female kept saying there is nothing that could be done, it was out of warranty.


    Before transferring me, the woman insisted on hectoring me in a didactic tone about how I can never do that again, etc.


    I love the iPod Nanos-I've had 6, but no Apple computers or iPads. I am finally in the market for an iPad but this experience has made me leery of getting further into Apple hardware.