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David Burden1 Level 1 Level 1

Finding more and more songs in my iTunes library that seem to suddenly finish about halfway through and skip to the next track. This even includes recently purchased music. If I click ahead to beyond the point where it stops it just skips ahead anyway like half the song is corrupted. This happens on both my iMac 27" running Lion and iTunes 10.5.1 an also my iPhone 4. Strangely it does not always happen on the same tracks. For example, a song that stops prematurely on the imac may or may not do the same thing on the iPhone.

Case in point, I just purchased an album on iTunes. At 2.54 in the first track (which should run til 4.32) the song just skips ahead to track 2 on the iMac. The album synced automatically to my iPhone via iCloud and the same song played fine all the way til the end.

I've checked the start / stop times under track info and all is normal.

Anyone got any clue why this is happening?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • auntieheather Level 1 Level 1

    No clue why this is happening, but it is happening to me too. I recently upgrated to iTunes 10.5.1 and a lot of the songs now will only play abot 2 minutes (2 minutes 8 seconds to be exact!) before skipping to the next song and I have no clue why.


    I am currently running Windows 7. And I know it isn't an issue with the files because they worked perfectly before this "update."

  • thyser Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here,


    random song skipping, though quicktime plays the same audiofile (not the original but the file from itunes!)

    and it doesn't skip with quicktime.


    It alsow skips in my iphone aswell.


    Always on the same spot.


    And it has been doing this since itunes 10, and ios 5


    Any solutions?

  • ckuan Level 7 Level 7

    Is iTunes > File > Get Info > Options tab > Remember playback position OFF ?

  • thyser Level 1 Level 1

    @ckuan: never selected it, but i checked it and it wasn't selected.


    it irritates me, i am now using vlc, imported my itunes into vlc and it plays the whole song....



  • lauriesmith84 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem, only is the same songs at the same time ! Very annoying ! Anyone have any sucess yet ??

  • Trevor Harley Level 2 Level 2

    I am having the same problem and it seems very widespread. I have someone called Nelson working on it at Apple.


    Deleting the track and redownloading it SOMETIMES works but not always, and is no use at all if you're downloading a complete album with album only tracks.


    I can only assume there is some major problem with the Apple servers. How they'll resolve it and satisfy everybody I don't know. I'm having to go through all my recent downloads checking them carefully, and suggest everybody does the same..


    A few observations:


    - the track appears to have downloaded OK and looks to be about the right file size

    - it's nothing to do with iTunes because if you try playing the track in QuickTime it stops at the same point

    - I don't think it's track-specific because if you download the track again it stops in a different place

    - it seems to affect longer tracks

    - I can only remember the problem happening since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, but could be wrong about this




    - it is very annoying and time consuming!

  • Jimzgoldfinch Level 5 Level 5


    Problem was happening on Lion. I think the current problem started with last iTunes update.


    Like you, I have a lot of tracks to check. I have check all downloads in last week by playing start then jumping to last 20 secs. So far, I have successfully redownloaded offending tracks. Loads of older downloads to check.


    Trust you get a satisfactory response from Nelson.



  • Trevor Harley Level 2 Level 2

    I have just added a response in another thread. It is definitely the tracks that's affected rather than iTunes (e.g. the track stops at the same place in QuickTime and VLC). No idea how they're going to sort it out - but I'm not buying anything else from the iTunes store until they do. And I advise others: Buyers beware!

  • finbarr69 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem too.  Definitely a problem which Apple need to fix (ie not a "user" problem).

  • Trevor Harley Level 2 Level 2

    What has annoyed me is the only response I've got from Apple is that they're "investigating that track" (even though I've pointed them to all these threads) and offered me one free replacement download. I'm an Apple fanatic, but I think their customer service on this issue has been cr*p.

  • David Burden1 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes that seems to sum up the problem pretty well Trevor. I'm still with Lion and have done 3-4 iTunes updates since I first noticed the problem, none of which have fixed it. I bought an album last week and over 50% of the songs were affected, skipping ahead at the same point every time. Only way round it was to delete the offending tracks and go into the purchased music section to redownload (which is what apple will tell you to do if you go to customer support) Some I had to delete and redownload 2-3 times before they would play all the way through. I've now had 2 different apple technical support threads on this but neither seemed to acknowledge the deeper problem.

  • Trevor Harley Level 2 Level 2

    Clearly Apple are getting the message that something is wrong. Now in response to my emails instead of getting the message "Dear Trevor I'm sorry to hear you're having problems, but I don't really know what's happening", I'm getting "Dear Customer, Try deleting the songs and redownloading them".