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wadefromair ronge Level 1 Level 1

Have unauthorized charges from iTunes store and cannot get support from apple, what do I do besides calling credit card company and charging back as I have never made any purchases like this before

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  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9

    The credit card company is the best resource since it is a fraudulent charge.  I'd also change the password on your account.


    I don't know if this option exists but I never leave my credit card on record with any online service.  It may be a nuisance to have to enter it  each time but I prefer that to having to deal with fraud.

  • KittyKat25 Level 1 Level 1

    I have just been going through my bank statements thoroughly and found a transaction of £20.97 to iTunes in July. I know I wouldn't have spent this much via iTunes but to be 100% searched through my iTunes purchase receipts in my email and none exist for this transaction. So then I logged into iTunes and checked my purchase history and can confirm there is nothing in the purchase list amounting to the £20.97 charge! I have no idea who I need to contact about this, but I will be getting in touch with my bank about this unauthorised transaction.

  • KittyKat25 Level 1 Level 1

    Just had another look, obviously I didn't do it thoroughly enough before... And I've found another unknown iTunes transaction made 6 days after the one I mentioned above, this one for £13.98! Again, no email receipts and it's not in my iTunes Purchase History.


    So that's £34.95 of my money that's gone missing to iTunes. I hope my bank can sort this out for me... and part of me is glad the amounts that have been taken aren't much higher. From my Google search I have read some people had $300 taken from their bank account.

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    "I don't know if this option exists"


    With the Apple store, it doesn't.  Without a cc on file with Apple, you can't even download free apps.


    I too just (almost) got wacked with $100.00 worth of gift card charges that I didn't make.  Luckily for me, the PayPal account I tied with Apple is, for the most part, dormant - rarely used - and when PayPal saw these 5-individual transactions come through, flags were raised and they put holds on them and contacted me.


    I have since disallowed PP transactions from Apple, disconnected PP from my apple ID which, BTW, has been disabled and can stay that way for all I care.  Of course Apple wants me to register a CC with them but I know, as soon as I do that, they're going to take their $100 that they lost when someone, not me, purchased gift cards using my account.


    Apple's security, IMO, is totally worthless.  Where a single login is only necessary for making purchases and all someone needs is your Apple ID and PW, they can turn your whole world upside down.  Your Apple ID and Apple's checkout procedure when making purchases through their system should have separate logins, just like Ebay.  If you're downloading a free app, no checkout/payment is necessary as opposed to downloading "pay" apps or music.


    After this near miss with me, Apple will NEVER get my CC information and therefore, renders all my Apple devices useless since now I can't even download free stuff.


    Apple should really reconsider but unfortunately for many of us, they're too big and could probably care less.  The owness is on you when you've been scammed even though their security measures s/u/c/k.

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    I just discovered the same problem.  Is apple refusing to reverse the charges?

  • Shelle3854 Level 1 Level 1

    My charges are over $180. For three consecutive days!!!! How do u get a person at iTunes...Now I had to change banks etc.....Thanks apple..

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    I had charges posted to my account and I dont own a single apple device. I have sontacted my bank and have filled a claim seeing as how the charges have already gone through. I dont think there is anything else that can be done.

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    i am not autorizing charge me day  6/28 13  nothing //// after this i was in the level 87 in any moment came back to number 1  ///// i start again ok, and day 8/5/13 take 0.99 and i dont autorizing too please check i dont do again please thank you