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When I go to enter the serial number of my 1st Gen iPod Nano purchased in November 2005, I get the following message:


"The serial number you entered cannot be found in our records. Please verify the number and try again, or contact us."


I don't understand why it doesn't recognise it, I have double and triple checked the serial number and even checked to see if I registered it when I got it in 2005. I have since changed email address and can no longer access the email used originally but surely it should still recognise the number? Would just like to know if I'm eligible for the recall or not...



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    I am having exactly the same problem! Must be some explanation?

  • mcsound Level 2 (285 points)

    Make sure you are not typing the letter "O" instead of 0 (zero)


    Also sometimes what looks like an 8 is a B

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    Spoke to Support in the end, don't know what they did, but now it is recognised, woohoo. Packaging on its way to me.

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    How did you reach someone in support? I am finding that the only way to get through to someone is to pay a $29 fee. I submitted my Nano's serial number for replacement almost two weeks ago and their syatem indicates that they have still not shipped the box out. Their email said I would receive the box in two days.

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    I am in the UK and called 0844 2090611 and eventually got a live person on the phone.

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    I am having exactly the same problem, as well.  US Costumer service is trying to help me via phone (1-800-275-2273).  I am on hold now, 42 minutes deep, and glad I charged my phone before attempting the call. 


    I keep getting "escalated" to higher supervisors, but they have each been very pleasant, and sound earnest in their desire to help find a solution. 


    Update: While they couldn't find it in the main Apple Technical Support system, a Ms. Brandy (an "Agreement Admin"), was able to pull my serial number up on her independent Agreement area system.  They are putting together a kit for me to use to participate in the iPod nano (1st generation) Replacement Program now.  Not sure what that means.  Will advise soon (I hope). 


    Solved at 57 minutes! 


    Apple has provided me a "special" number to present at my local UPS store, who will package and ship the unit to Apple at their expense.  All they require me to do is take the iPod (and the unique identifier number) over to the UPS store.  The final manager I spoke with, a Ms. Gem, was equally delightful (i.e. eager to please, very approachable, and earnestly apologetic about my time lost on hold while they sought a solution). 


    In the interest of your time, you might want to suggest (early in the conversation) that they ask an "Agreement Admin" to look up your serial numbers as well... and have a speakerphone and something productive (or fun) to do, on hand, to ease your time spent on hold. 


    Final note: The pleasant Ms. Gem stated that it takes an hour (or so) for UPS to get the info they need to accept my drop off, and Apple is looking at circa 6 weeks on the arrival of my replacement back on this end. 


    Excepting the time lost, full marks to Apple for a nice service experience.  Grade: A