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kayb64 Level 1 (0 points)

Can someone tell me, can I add my sisters iPhone to the find my iPhone app on my iPad. She's always losing it and I wondered if I could add her to my list

iPhone 3GS
  • gbrenik Level 3 (525 points)

    yup! just send her a permanent friend request on it, and accept it on her phone, and you'll be able to track her as much as you want!

  • GZukes Level 4 (1,565 points)

    I believe gbrenik is referring to the Find My Friends app. In which case if you haven't already done so you will have to install this app.  You won't be able to wipe the iPhone or send a tone or pop up message like Find My iPhone though.


    If you and your sister share an iCloud account you would be able to add her iPhone.  Or she could set up Find My iPhone on her own iCloud accountand login to her account in the Find My iPhone app on your iPad or any PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad.

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    thanks for help.

  • kayb64 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks for the info. i downloaded the app and have sent across a request. is there a limit as to how many you can add? And can i only add apple stuff or can i add my partners samsung tacco?

  • GZukes Level 4 (1,565 points)

    I did a little searching and could not find any reference to how many friends you can add.  Also from what I found, you can only add friends that have iOs devices.

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    How can i send a request to the other iphone ?

  • GZukes Level 4 (1,565 points)

    Open the Find Friends app.  Log in if you aren't already logged in.Tap the "Requests" icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.  Tap the "Add Friends" bar.  email the request to an email address that is available on the other iPhone.