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Hi All I have been reading about Itunes 64bit and Itunes 32 bit along with reading Info about SRS IWOW for Itunes. I noticed in their directions it states to look at the about window and the 64Bit Version will state 64 bit while the 32 bit does not. I just uninstalled all the apple and Itunes programs as stated so I coudl do a fresh install as I want to load Itunes 64Bit so I can load the SRS IWOW 64 bit.

I downloaded Itunes64setup.exe and ran it but it automatically attempted to install Itunes in Program Files (86) Which is where the 32bit software is located and as soon as it was done I found in teh about Window no List of 64bit and in Task manager it lists Itunes as 32bit again.

I know there is a 64 bit version of Itunes as I seen teh screenshot stating it was 64bit but I cannot get a 64bit version installed on my system.

I keep reading where people say there is no 64 bit Itunes.exe that it is all 32bit? Why would SRS show a screen with teh about page listing Itunes as 64bit? I sure would hope they know what they are talking about seeing how they built a 32bit and 64 bit version of SRS IWOW depending on if you are running 32 bit Itunes or 64 bit Itunes.

I am quite frustrated with this entire situation so I would love it if somone could explain why my Itunes46setup.exe is installing 32 bit Itunes and how I can get the 64 bit to install, Is there some registry value i need to change or some other folder i need to delete so Itunes will stop defaulting to 32bit?


I just looked at Task manager and I am running

Applemobiledevicehelper.exe *32,

Applemobiledeviceservice.exe *32,

Ituneshelper.exe *32,

Itunes.exe *32

Ipodservice.exe is the only thing actually in 64bit

I dont understand why SRS talkes about a 64bit Itunes which is quite clear on there web page that it shows 64 bit right in the about window if you are running 64 bit version yet I see only 1 application out of 6 that is actually running in 64Bit

I think I may just give up on this if i can't get some Idea of what is going on

iPod nano, Windows 7, ASUS G73SW Corei7 2630 quad 12Gbram