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Since the 5.x upgrade I've noticed that Safari handles cookies dramatically different than it did before. I used to be able to view all the cookies stored by each site and delete the ones I didn't want. I could keep my login items while deleting advertising, tracking, and other data-mining tools. Now I'm stuck with a non-resizable window that lists all the cookies for a particular site under one heading for that site. Its not expandable so I have no idea what cookies are stored in there. Strangely, while Apple limited my control over cookies they thoughtfully provided me with information on individual slices of cache stored on my machine, instead of just a blanket cache file, something I greatly appreciate.


Is there a way to examine the cookies stored so I can make sure that no _gads, _utm*, _ar_a4 or any other junk got by my filters?

MacBook Pro 1.83, Mac OS X (10.6.8)