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nikwek Level 1 (0 points)

I just subscribed to Music Match on my laptop.


Now I am trying to add my main computer that has the majority of my music to Music Match as well but I get an error:


"This computer is already associated with an apple ID"


What does that even mean? Of course it is associated with an apple ID. Isn't the whole point that I can add up to 10 devices under the same ID?


I don't get it.



  • tmksnyder Level 1 (30 points)

    It must have been associated with another id at some point in time.  This isn't the association for playing content that's been around for years to protect music and videos.  When Apple introduced the ability to download past purchases, this started,  For autodownload o fpurchases,  download of past purchases and now itunes match, each device for those functions can only be associated with one Apple ID and you have to wait 90 days to change it.   Our household has 3 or 4 id's and multiple computers and we were hit with this.  Even on one machine with multiple OS level login accounts, only one id per machine was allowed for autodownloads.   So two kids sharing a machine with two apple id's are stuck.  Only one could  activate automatic downloads and past purchase downloads.  My hunch is this came about as part of the licensing for iCloud and iTunes match to prevent piracy. 


    Do you have another id that you use?  You can sign in to itunes with that and check the account.  It has a section that lists the devices associated with an id for auto downloads and itunes match.


    More info here  :

  • nikwek Level 1 (0 points)

    I think I know what happened.


    I fault iCloud for confusing me with Apple IDs. I now have an apple ID for iCloud and one for iTunes and then there's the kids' devices and my wife's Apple ID. I remember a notice like that popping up somewhere in the process but didn't undestand what it meant - I thought it referred to the iPhone I was trying to sync, not my computer.


    It would be nice if Apple were a little more forgiving - particularly now that with iCloud and the inability to merge IDs ID management is more confusing - particularly for families...

  • Gabriel Garay1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I did indeed have it under my roomates id at one point, but he doesn't use match and I do.  I tryed restoring and resetting and neither worked.  Do I really have to wait 3 months now before I can use my match on the atv2?  Seems ********.

  • tmksnyder Level 1 (30 points)

    Unfortunately, for itunes in the cloud which includes auto download purchases from the store itunes and itunes match, they restrict it to one appleid and per device/computer with a time limit of 3 month until you can change it on the computer.   I presume your roomate probably activated auto downloads.  One of my kids did the same and we have to wait on that machine to activate match. 


    My hunch is this is for music licensing.  If there was not the restriction, one could potentially share their account by posting their id/password to others around the world and have them log in to match, download the songs, log out, and deauthorize their computer giving a slot back to be shared again.  3 months slows that down alot. However,  this harms the legit users with multiple machines  and multiple appleid's in a household.  The appleid thing needs some rework.  I'd like it for my setup to have one master appleid and perhaps 5 id's that could be 'owned' by that appleid where we could use iMatch and autodownloads together but still have the separate id's to manage purchases etc.  Almost like a 'family' of id's.    You could still have the same 3 month restrictions but do it to a group of id's and not one single id.    One woud have to assume Apple's own engineers run into this same problem in the real world and will one day address it but id management systems that are entrenched are hard to rewrite without disrupting the working systems....

  • garymacguy Level 1 (5 points)

    Same situation on my Apple TV 2.  I logged into my iCloud Music, the system loaded.  Everything worked great.  The next day I received the error.  My boyfriend uses his ID when he wants to access his content.  I've tried the TRANSFER, that does nothing.  I emailed iTunes support they had me reset all the devices.  Nothing has worked.

  • nikwek Level 1 (0 points)

    I think that's the key issue here:


    OS X understands the concept of allowing mutliple users to use one device. Each user can have their own login and any user data is completely separate (photos, music, contacts, etc.)


    With Music Match suddenly the differentiation is per device. It doesn't make sense at all. Apple is generally good at anticipating how people will use their products / services but with iCloud/Music Match they failed.

  • tmksnyder Level 1 (30 points)

    I've seen a few mentions of problems on the Apple TV 2.  I have one too and haven't had an issue.  I also have not yet tried to sign in to the Apple TV 2 with another AppleID.  I could test it but I don't want to loose match on the AppleTV.   What's the issue?  After your boyfriend used it, did you go back and enter your ID into the iTunes store settings and then try to load match?

  • nikwek Level 1 (0 points)

    tmksnyder: if you try a different Appe ID it will ask you "are you sure you want to do this because if you do we will lock any other ID out for 90 days".. well, not word for word but in that sense.


    When you try entering your original ID you get the message I posted as screen shot of above.


    I basically have to wait another 58 days before I can restore the state I originally intended.

  • garymacguy Level 1 (5 points)

    We use the Apple TV2 with his Apple ID in the store normally, because we use his Apple ID for the Computer Sharing.  It just made since that way.  When iCloud was an Option I signed in to try it because I have have a larger Music library and wanted the service.  His ID remained as the Shared Computer ID and I used my Apple iTunes store ID.  The Music Match Service worked great after I logged in, I browsed my collection, watched music videos etc.  (didn't seem much different than just using it thru shared but could be handy when my laptop is off) The next day I wanted to play a playlist of music and went to listen.  I then received the error.  I asked my boyfriend if he changed anything.  He said "No".  There was never any mention of a "lock out period".

  • garymacguy Level 1 (5 points)

    I received a response from Apple.  I must have missed this message in the excitement of working with the ATV2 and iClould Music.  I don't think that I will use it on my ATV2 because we often switch between our 2 ids.


    Gary, I investigated this issue with the concerned department again and I'm sorry to inform you that once a device or computer is associated with your Apple ID, you cannot associate that device or computer with another Apple ID for 90 days

  • cyph00 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, I have the same problem and it started after I set up a different user account on my MacBook Pro - one that doesn't even use Match.


    Now I'm supposed to wait 89 days to use it again?


    I emailed Apple and will argue until I get a satisfactory response; otherwise if there are alternate means around this, I hope somebody posts them here.



  • Irish John Level 2 (205 points)

    I set up a call with Apple Support to talk to a live person.


    It was a terrible experience but I got it fixed.


    Set it up to call me at a specific time.


    First call - After explaining about 5 times and transfered the same amount of times, the final person I talked to got very combative and hung up.


    Setup another call back and being transfered around 3-4 times, I got to Audrey, who I was told was a "Senior Advisor".  All I can say is... it's the support employee I wish I got first.  She wasn't with the iTunes team, but chatted them, tried some stuff.

    Finally it came down to that there was "another ID" attached to my mac.  I have multiple User Accounts on my mac, but they said it shouldn't matter.  I had never used another account within iTunes (though my iCloud account is separate, it has never been used in iTunes).

    She said they removed that account, and told me to wait 15 minutes.  She setup a callback.  I waited 15 minutes, and it worked.

    Audrey called me back, gave me her email address and callback number in case further issues come up with this.


    The first 7-8 people I talked to made me feel like I was calling just about every other support line (and I expect more from Apple), but Audrey, singlehandedly, restored my faith that support means helping the customer (and not simply saying they are sorry over and over without doing a thing).

  • SLG7773 Level 1 (0 points)



    I just had the same problem and called Apple. They were able to reset my downloads (previous purchases) which sorted out the issue for me so I didn't have to wait another 62 days!

  • batch182 Level 1 (0 points)

    So waht is the solution to this without actually trying to get hold of "Audrey" ? Is there something I can do myself ?

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