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    I coudn't get a fix to this issue.  It's important to me because me and my husband share a home computer, in addition to my personal laptop.


    This ruins the main reason I purchased iTunes Match...  so I asked Apple to cancel it.


    By the way, this is just one of many problems I had with iTunes Match.  What a half-baked product.

  • karlatswinburne Level 1 (0 points)

    I did some actual experiments on an iPod and I can confirm a few facts.


    There is indeed a 90-day rule, it comes in to effect whenever you download "content" from the iTunes Cloud. (all the words in bold are important): It is not just relevant for iTiunes Match.


    - the lock will indeed then prevent you from downloading  content already purchased from the cloud under a different AppleID for 90 days.


    - however you can still transfer, during this 90 days, content from a different AppleID from iTunes on a computer by syncing, and then play it OK.


    - you can also download NEW content under a different AppleID to the one your device is locked/associated too. You just can not re-download previously purchased content.


    - any content already on your device before it become "locked" is unaffected and can be played (even if it has a different AppleID).


    - you can still stream content purchased under a different AppleID previously where streaming is available!


    - IMPORTANT! all this does NOT apply to Apps! It just applies to movies/tv/music. So even if you lock your device you can still happily switch Appleids for App downloading. This detail confused me for a long time as most places I Googled did not distinguish this.


    I hope this helps some people as it confused me until I tested it out!


    Why this mess? I put it down to arcane licensing restrictions by the film/tv industry.

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    I am having this same problem.  I am the ONLY person using this computer.  I have two apple ID's, but I have never downloaded, purchased anything or used the other one at all. 


    I have checked my account, and it only shows my one apple ID being ever authorized on this computer.  This may be a dumb question....but 2 weeks ago I sent my computer in to the apple depot and had the logic board replaced.  I had to re-authorize everything, re-install some things, all kinds of weird things.  Is this my problem?

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