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My old Motorolla and LG phones had a setting to speak the caller id before ringing.  It took the names from the contact list or if not there would just call out the phone number and then go to the ringtone.  Does the Iphone 4 not have this setting?  I can't believe this "smart phone" which does just about everything would not have this function.  What am I missing here?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    The iPhone 4 and other previous generations of iPhone do not have this feature. I cannot speak for the iPhone 4S - i do not have one....but i would think maybe Siri would take care of your worries.

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    I do have an iPhone 4S.  It does not provide a talking caller ID.  I too I'm surprised that such a feature is not on the iPhone.  There seems to be an "app" for just about everything, but I've yet to find one that does this very simple function.  There are some apps out there that do provide a form of caller ID, but they seem to require too much setting up for something so simple.  I do have a work a round, but it is a poor subsitute for what we are both looking for.  I have set different ringtones for some people in my contact list, so when I hear the tone, I do know who is calling.  However, if you have a great deal of contacts, this method really would not work.