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I'm hoping someone can help me solve this dilemma. I have one apple ID that's signed on for multiple devices (iMac, iPad and my iPhone 4). And I'm having tough time trying to figure out how to call from one device to another. For example, from my iPad (when I'm on the road) to my iMac (at home). How do I set that up?


Thank you in advance.




iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • ckuan Level 7 (29,548 points)

    Use a different valid e-mail addresses for each of them.

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    How do i change the email adress on faceTime to do that? Do I change the actual account and start a new one or just change the email adress on one of the devices?

  • ckuan Level 7 (29,548 points)

    There're two ways

    1. Use the same AppleID (AppleID is also e-mai; address) but use another/alternate e-mail address for FaceTime

    2. Use a new AppleID.

    Both needs to confirmed before use.

    I'll suggest the 2nd option. Pro: extra 5GB iCloud space, don't mess up Contacts, Game Center, iMessage and e-mail.

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    I understand your approach, but that would defeat the synchronization between all your devices.  I'm trying to figure out how to set my iMac, iPhone 4S, iPad2 and another MBR.  There is a XXX.me.com account associated with my iCloud account.  I'm using this for the iPad2.  The phones have their own phn#, but I'll try to set a different email for my iMac and MBR.  I've been getting "not available" msgs on my iMac when I try to call or be called.  It tries to connect but doesn't so I know there is a conflict.


    On my iMac I added another email, but I couldn't delete my original email (also my Apple ID).  Any suggestions?

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    I run with one apple-id and one icloud account.  I then use separate email accounts even for the iPhone.  On each device you can specify Caller Id.  This is important for the iPhone as you can select the email account instead of the phone number.  You can add second email accounts and as I said, on each deveice you can specify Call Id. As my paradym is family oriented.  We share a common address book.  You go to FaceTime as a last name and see a list of names and devices. Nothing special, just how you fill in the First Name.  You search long enough you will see many approaches.

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    Same problem here..

    1 iPhone, 3 iPods,


    I've added another mail address on the iPods

    Settings --> Facetime


    Problem solved.

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    How do you do that?  I have 2 iphones and 1 ipod on my apple account.

    Can you treat my as a dummy please.

    Can you change the settings to both iphones also.

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    When you sign into facetime or imessage you can specify a unique email for that device, this becomes the facetime or imessage id for that device.


    Hense multiple id's per device, certain id's can be used over multiple devices without any issues.  For example settings, itunes, and then sign in with all the same itunes id.


    An apple id has a sub heading








    each can have there own unique email address (id) and each one can be signed out and signed into with a different email address by going through settings, then the app you want.

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