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Looks like this is being reported by a fair few people on the forums - so just wanted to add my voice.  Since iTunes 10.5 (same in  iTunes 10.5.1) on Windows 7 64 Bit home sharing has stopped working. I have all firewalls disabled on my Windows machine, have tried all the normal suggestions of signing out and back into home sharing on all devices etc.  iTunes Windows library does not show to other devices on the network including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV (all running latest firmware as of 19/11/2011).  Not looking for any responses here from the community, as the problem clearly lies with iTunes on Windows.  Apple please fix!


In the meantime the only way I can use my Apple TV is to sync purchases down to the iPad and then Airplay them to the Apple TV.  Very annoying.  Maybe time to look for an alternative for movie and TV downloads as Apple TV is pointless without it being able to connect to my Windows iTunes library and downloads..

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.0.1
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