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Before I went to sleep, late on Thursday evening I was checking some things on my  phone and noticed Apple had snuck into my phone with an OTA 5.0.1 update option. Because my phone had started performing some spontaneous resprings out of the blue, I thought the update may address the glitches since the update to iOS 5. 


"Cool, lets do it."  I am thinking to myself, "Tomorrow I will be rid of this iPhone nightmare"...


I awoke yesterday morning with a completely dead phone. It took me about thirty minutes to get to the point where my phone could even boot.  I let the battery completely charge then started to check everything out and maybe figure out what drained my battery.  From around 7 AM, on Friday until around 10 AM Saturday I sat before my computer, trying everything.  I only ate once, and pounded a frozen pizza before returning to my iPhone issues.  On top of the battery drain issue getting worse on the day following the 5.0.1 update, I started loosing service spontaneously.  It got to the point around 3 AM this morning that I gave up with the battery at about 75% and all radios off.  I hoped that 5.0.2 would come out by the end of the weekend the nightmare will end.  Depressed, I turned off the power to every piece of electronic technology in my bedroom. 


When I woke this morning, the first thing I did was to power up everything and keep working on the iPhone issues.  The Apple Support Communities didn't have any new fixes I could try out to just get my phone service back.  I spent about an hour of Google searching;  going over everything in my mind, hoping I could think of something novel that I will try, that no one else had.  I opened iTunes/iPhone to go through all the preferences.  My phone was connected to WIN7 computer and iTunes didn't see the phone.  After a unplug/plug-in  via USB it comes back and iTunes sees it.  This was not so unusual, but I did something next that I would have put small odds to fixing my dilemma.


I updated iTunes and it asked me to reboot my PC.  I then performed a sync for the, perhaps 150th time in two days!

Looking at the 4 bars, waited for the connection to drop to 1 bar, followed by a "No Connection".This cycle will repeat every thirty seconds if nothing changed.  I waited...


and waited...




I have had between 3 and 4 bars in the status bar for 2 and 1/2 hours now.




If your story is anything like mine, update iTunes,  reboot your computer, and synchronize your phone with iTunes.  You may get as lucky as I did.




Question:  DID updating iTunes fix your "No Service" issue?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Just an update... I am still solid on my 3G, 4-bar connection from the iTunes fix.


    I am now going to synchronize via USB and Wi-fi, close all apps., restart computer and iPhone, turn on Wi-fi and use Bluetooth to stream my music to my Bose SoundDock.  Location services are turned off as well as ALL notifications.  Now I will record battery life decay...

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    Three hours iTunes update and the following sync. 


    I still have a great signal.  Maybe even better than 4.2.3 or whatever it was.  Funniest on top of everything, My battery drain is now low.  Three hours with 3G, Wi-fi and GPS radios all turned on and still 97%.  I have even taken a couple minutes of video and 20 or so photos with the flash.


    This is so perplexing that my problem that appears to act like everyone else's is fixed by a simple iTunes update and resync.


    I am happy and I did it all on my own. 

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    What do you mean you updated iTunes? You didn't have the latest version installed? Or you did a clean install?

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    I updated iTunes from whatever it was a couple days ago to the latest Windows 7 version.

  • Valvofolife Level 1 (25 points)

    It has been 8 hours since the iTune update fixed by reception and battery problems.  My battery is still at an amazing 96%.

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    Hi, it seems two things here does not apply to me,

    First is i have an iPhone 4S. So any iPhone 4s user have tried this troubleshoot, and importantly it worked ?

    Second, I am using iTunes on Windows XP, and not on Windows 7. Besides iTUnes on my XP is the most updated one. So how do i update it further. .

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    I am having the same problem with my 3GS. Will this solution work too? I have tried everything else also.

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    I would love to know if this works on 3GS


    I have held back on the upgrade - because I rely on my phone so much


    Also, has anyone experienced problems with MAC OSX or is this just windows?

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    Essex-man- I updated itunes, restarted my mac and reset my iphone on itunes... has taken me like 3 hrs but so far I have full reception. Just started letting me send texts too! I used icloud so I didnt lose any data either Hope it helps you out.

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    did you check for itunes updates available through itunes help menu.  If so, did you synchronize your phone one more time with the updated itunes?

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    Updated iTunes etc. as suggested.  Still have NO SERVICE Problem and 100% at midnight was 2% DEAD at 6:30 AM with no use!! Time to head to the Apple Store to see if they have a fix. BTW this is a 0130 IMEI.


    WOW while looking for s/n and IMEI, I just happened to cleck the the Automatically Send,, Diagnostic and Usage Data. There are over 270 awdd_2011-11-19......text frames of different data. If these were all sent over my WiFi last night, that might acount for the battery drain. Also I am missing the ATT usage info I used to find in this location

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    It worked for another person in another discussion.  I posted a link to this discussion and he told it almost exactly how this odd solution worked for me.



    I copied part of the discussion and pasted below.



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    Helpful AnswerRe: Help - iphone 3gs reboots every 2-3 minsIOS 5 update

    Nov 19, 2011 5:22 PM (in response to blast_uk)

    blast_uk wrote:


        Hello everyone.


        I have an iphone3GS and updated it to the IOS 5 update. It was OK for about 2 weeks then it started to reboot itself every houror so.  The problem has got worse and nowit reboots itself every 2-3 mins(I see this in the 'diagnostic and usage' inthe settings, I've set it to send the reports to Apple).


        The problem hasgot so bad now that i cannot make calls or receive texts, so I've had to switchback to my trusty Nokia.


        I did find that ifI left the SIM card locked the phone did not reboot at all.  I have asked Vodafone for a new SIM to see ifit helps(my SIM card is probably 8-10 years old, old SIM card technology in anewish phone theory) and I will report back when it arrives and I've tried it.


        Has anyone else hadthis issue?  A guy I work with has hadthe same problem after updating to IOS 5 so I'm wondering if it is a IOS 5problem.  I did the update to IOS 5.0.1to see if that helped but it didn't.


        Hopefully Applewill pick up on this and help with our frustration.


        Having lookedthrough the forums here and elsewhere I will try a new phone restore on it tosee if that helps and report back.


        Thanks for anyhelp.



    I had the same odd behavior about two weeks after Iupdatedto iOS 5.0 as well.  Updates to5.0.1 and virgin restores still didn't help. In fact 5.0.1 seemed to make the signal lossand battery drain worse.


    Just try this...



    Then post a response to the discussion.




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    Re: Help - iphone 3gs reboots every 2-3 mins IOS 5 update

    Nov 20, 2011 10:11 AM (in response to blast_uk)


    Hey guys!  Thanks forthe feedback and help.  Heres a run downof how things stand at the moment.

    I got a brand new SIM card with a new number, etc.  Put that in and it made no difference at all,the phone kept rebooting.


    I decided next step was to restore the software, throughitunes, to a new phone status which would set it up with IOS 5.0.1.


    So i plugged in my iphone and itunes popped up saying therewas a newer version of itunes, so I straight away updated itunes to the latestversion(anything could help at this point!)


    After the update i did the full phone restore which tookabout 45 minutes.  I tried the phone andyes it is setup as new with no apps, etc. I unlocked the SIM card and it connected to vodafone.


    So far after approx 36 hours the phone has been OK.  No reboots. I have not put any apps, video, music, etc, back onto the phone yet, I'mjust going to see how it goes.  I'mleaving the phone to just sit there while I'm out and surfing the web with itwhen here.  I have checked the diagnosticlog and there appears to be no records of reboot/crash failures.  There are records with awdd prefix but i donot believe these to be crash/reboot logs.


    Fingers crossed this has solved the problem, i will letpeople know how it goes.


    Hope this helps someone out there with the same frustration.





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    Hi Valvofolife,


    i did the following and its fixed the issue,


    1.  connected the iphone to itunes

    2.  updated the itunes to

    3.  it asked for reboot, so rebooted and the itunes synched with my phone.

    4.  i did sync again.

    5.  now disconnected the phone with itunes

    6. restarted the iphone

    7. i got the signal and it is up for last 15 minutes.


    thanks for the genius work.

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    Hey i have an iphone 4s that randomly dropped to a "no service" then "searching". I've found quite a few other people have had this problem. I've had 2 bars and dropped a call and have had a text not be able to send at 2 bars. I just updated to 5.0.1 yesterday and before then never had a problem. My itunes is up to date with How would i go about performing your little trick with an already up to date itunes? Thanks in advance

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