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Before I went to sleep, late on Thursday evening I was checking some things on my  phone and noticed Apple had snuck into my phone with an OTA 5.0.1 update option. Because my phone had started performing some spontaneous resprings out of the blue, I thought the update may address the glitches since the update to iOS 5. 


"Cool, lets do it."  I am thinking to myself, "Tomorrow I will be rid of this iPhone nightmare"...


I awoke yesterday morning with a completely dead phone. It took me about thirty minutes to get to the point where my phone could even boot.  I let the battery completely charge then started to check everything out and maybe figure out what drained my battery.  From around 7 AM, on Friday until around 10 AM Saturday I sat before my computer, trying everything.  I only ate once, and pounded a frozen pizza before returning to my iPhone issues.  On top of the battery drain issue getting worse on the day following the 5.0.1 update, I started loosing service spontaneously.  It got to the point around 3 AM this morning that I gave up with the battery at about 75% and all radios off.  I hoped that 5.0.2 would come out by the end of the weekend the nightmare will end.  Depressed, I turned off the power to every piece of electronic technology in my bedroom. 


When I woke this morning, the first thing I did was to power up everything and keep working on the iPhone issues.  The Apple Support Communities didn't have any new fixes I could try out to just get my phone service back.  I spent about an hour of Google searching;  going over everything in my mind, hoping I could think of something novel that I will try, that no one else had.  I opened iTunes/iPhone to go through all the preferences.  My phone was connected to WIN7 computer and iTunes didn't see the phone.  After a unplug/plug-in  via USB it comes back and iTunes sees it.  This was not so unusual, but I did something next that I would have put small odds to fixing my dilemma.


I updated iTunes and it asked me to reboot my PC.  I then performed a sync for the, perhaps 150th time in two days!

Looking at the 4 bars, waited for the connection to drop to 1 bar, followed by a "No Connection".This cycle will repeat every thirty seconds if nothing changed.  I waited...


and waited...




I have had between 3 and 4 bars in the status bar for 2 and 1/2 hours now.




If your story is anything like mine, update iTunes,  reboot your computer, and synchronize your phone with iTunes.  You may get as lucky as I did.




Question:  DID updating iTunes fix your "No Service" issue?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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