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  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont think we're understanding each other.

    I the phone, or in iTunes U or iPod apps, how do you synch your playlists.  That's not a different way of doing it I think, but sacrificing functionality to synch non cloud stuff when before you could do both.  I could download from the phone and synch playlists before music match.

    It still synchs playlists for "cloud compatible" stuff eventually.

    I have podcasts and iTunes U playlists that won't synch anymore with music match enabled.

  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't think iTunes U nor the Podcast apps support playlist management or playlist synching, or do they?

  • ernie goldstein Level 1 (80 points)

    I have had itunes plus since the day it came out. If you read all my posts from the begining of this thread you will see that I was very frustated at the begining until I found out what I was doing wrong. I love itunes match. I have almost 28,000 songs & 264 playlists that I created on itunes on my mac. Everything is in the cloud on my phone & everyone of my playlists show up. If I add songs to my mac or playlists theyare automatically updated on my phone. If I buy a song on my phone it is automatically added to my mac. When you listen to songs on the phone they are then downloaded to the phone. I took a flight last month and could not listen to music on my phone because the plane did not have wi-fi & had my phone in airplane mode. Next time I fly all I do is down load a bunch of playlists from the cloud before I go away & then I can listen on the plane. If I ever run out of space on my phone I just delete allthe music on the phone & get my space back as everything still stays in the cloud.

  • ernie goldstein Level 1 (80 points)

    you will not get a playlist if you have a podcast in it

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    You can create a playlist with Podcast in it in iTunes, but only put Podcasts in it. You will be able to sync that playlist old school via a local iTuned connection in the Podcast tab of iTunes of your computer.


    Or you can simply find the podcasts you like via the iOS podcast app and subscribe to it there and download direct from the iTunes Store. Your computer will keep updating as it does today, but your iOS device can get the podcast from either method... From iTunes Podcast store or iTunes library on your computer.


    Podcasts are yup vials excluded because they are larger, longer, and already available in the cloud.  So there is no reason to make them available twice.

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    Podcasts are always excluded... (Autocorrect oops!)

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    There is no good reason podcasts and iTunes playlists won't synch anymore.

    I see the tab in iTunes U to synch my playlist.

    My issue is that playlist doesn't show up in iTunes nor in iTunes U nor Videos.

    Only "cloud stuff" playlists show up since enabling music match.

    That's ok if there is no current solution.  All the "it's in the cloud" responses make it seem like we're talking about 2 different things.

    I know podcasts are "in the cloud" or "on the Internet".

    There is no good rationalizing for taking this away.  It's just a bug or programming oversight.  It has nothing to do with space either.   Right now only "cloud related" playlists snow up.  I have the podcast to synch my iTunes U playlist.  That playlist just doesn't show up anywhere in the phone.  There is no playlist area in the iTunes U app currently, and the playlist is invisible to iTunes.

  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    Also some items like audio books not bought from iTunes can have the "no cloud" icon. Playlists for these seem disabled too.

    I love music match too.

    I just don't like that the option to synch playlists of non-cloud stuff seems disabled some places. 

    Different problem than you have so ill try different solution.


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    Net soup,


    We are talking about the same thing, but what I am telling you isn't sinking in.  I understand your problem and goal. But I am suggesting your solution to manage it isn't workable.


    ITunes Match is to put your MUSIC in the cloud, even if you ripped it from a CD.  It's to put MUSIC you have in the cloud.  ITunes U and Podcasts were/are already in the cloud, therefore from Apple's point of view the only gap they had to fill for you was your personal MUSIC.  I agree a linkage between the Podcasts and iTune U cloud content and your iTunes Match playlists would be useful and seemless from how this USED to be managed.  But fact is, this content is treated separately.


    But it does not mean the content can't be obtained from 'the cloud'.  The way you go about it is getting it directly from iTunes.  The downside is you can not combine your MUSIC and PODCAST content into a playlist on your iDevice. Which is a downer from a playback perspective.  But what we have gained is an option to obtain content from Cloud FREE of charge.

  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    All you're doing is rationalizing away the problem without solving anything then.

    I don't care whether podcasts are loaded to the cloud or not.

    My point is, since enabling music match, stuff apple deems outside the iCloud does not synch as playlists antsy mounts

    You're explaining away the relevant question and filling it with irrelevant details.

    This is a problem for a different thread, fine, but what's not synching in I'd I don't care whether podcasts are @in the cloud" or not.

    My problem is the complete disassociation and crippled playlist of anything "not cloud" now.


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    Sorry.  Stupid spell check :)

    Anyway, I don't care if apple excludes some playlist items from the cloud.  You can get podcasts from the cloud is something that's existed since podcasts.  It just means you can download them from tve Internet.

    I don't need a lecture that you can download podcasts from the cloud.  That's common sense I obviously know.  I can't find the playlist itself in iTunes or the podcast app now.

    I was talking about playlist synching being an issue with music match enabled which I though this thread was about.

    Obviously a different playlist issue.


  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you actually see your podcast or iTunes u Playlists in either podcast or iTunes U apps, or iTunes?

    If so, I'm just overlooking it.  If not, what's "not sinking in", is that non-cloud playlists no longer show up on the phone anymore.  I know I can manually download and manage podcasts from the phone or synch tracks like always.  Only new thing is with music match on, playlists of non-cloud tracks have the no-cloud icon and don't actually appear as playlists anywhere.

    If there's no solution that's what it is, but what you are saying, that i can download podcasts from the "cloud" ignores the question or actual problem.

  • ernie goldstein Level 1 (80 points)

    Turn itunes match off on phone & then turn it on again. when you see wheel spinning on phone it is updating

  • DJChad Level 1 (0 points)

    Go to and say you peace with Apple.


    My points are not irrelevant. They are facts. The Music app plays MUSIC.  The Podcast app plays PODCASTS.  To get your (non iTunes purchased) MUSIC in the cloud you have to pay for iTunes Match.  It puts any content that is Media Type Music from your iTunes library in 'the cloud' and is then accessed via the embedded iOS Music app.


    I understand you want a virtual iTunes synchronization via the cloud just like with your computer with iTunes. But I am tying to tell you that is not the route Apple has went.  But just because Podcasts and iTunes U content isn't uploaded or matched, does not mean you can't get them on your device on the go away from your computer.


    Feel free to use the information as you wish.  I have worked in IT for over 20 years and I know change is hard for everyone, myself included.  If you have not tried what I suggested, then you really should.  It may be different but how do you know it isn't better until you try it?  You can sit and wait for as long as you like, but I am assuming if Apple put the effort to develop separate apps for iTunes U, Podcast, iBooks, etc... They are not changing their strategy for iTunes Match vs iTunes in the Cloud anytime soon.


    Best of Luck!

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    They are to my question.

    "The sky is clear" is also a fact but irrelevant to my question.

    I wasn't disputing your "facts" as false.

    My question was that playlists containing podcasts, iTunes U items and anything "non-cloud" doesn't show up anywhere now.

    For music items it's just not there, and the playlists have a "no-cloud" icon on the pc and do not show up, and with music match enabled manual synching is disabled.  You truly are explaining facts that are irrelevant and explain away the actual question and problem.