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    I agree! I can sync photo albums but i cant sync playlists!?! Until the whole world is 3G/4G and/or wifi this isn't working for me. I work in isolated areas and don't always access to the internet. Also I encounter download limitations/caps so that doesnt work either. If I wanted to stream all my music I would probably save a lot of money and just stream from the myriad radio stations or music services available! To add insult to injury I PAID for this! I suppose I should have had my team of lawyers read the fine print and my tech dept review it as well!

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    There are other solutions for "on the go" media.  The whole point though of the cloud is to have data readily available without the need for additional hardware/portable drives.  There are going to be gotcha's with any cloud solution.  Monthly costs, size limitations, download/upload counting, data/internet access, etc... BUt that is where you need to evaluate if iCloud and iTunes Match is the right solution for you. 


    This is my latest solution: Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage 500 GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive STBF500101 Black


    $99 you get 500gb of portable hard drive storage, but it has a battery and WiFi capabilities.  You load whatever media you want on it and then connect to it via WiFi.  You can use an App or Web Browser UI.  It also allows 8 connections to browse at the same time, and support up to 3 connectsions to stream the HD (can even be the same movie.)  What is better with the latest firmware update is the battery life has been lengthened to 8 hours, as well as has a WiFi pass through capability.  You can connect the Seagate to another WiFi Network, and it will allow your devices to browse the web while straming from it.  Works with documents, photos, music, videos, etc...


    For many this is a great solution since you dont necessarily have to buy the larger storage iDevices.  For me my entire library is almost 3TBs.  So its a ways away from helping me take my entire library with me.  I just sync my Music via iTunes locally and do not use iTunes Match anymore.  It was a great idea... but it would take me almost 1/2 the weekend to fill up my 64GB iPhone via internet downloads over WiFi.  Just crazy after a reset.  Local syncing to me is the way to go for your music and then just take this little sucker with you when you think you are going to need more options. 


    Best Buy also price matched the $99 sale price with Amazon.  So was able to just go down and get it. 

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    Also, netsoup, the definition of a bug is something is not working as designed.  Apple obviously intended for the library on an iDevice to be wiped out because it programmed a pop up warning message to tell you this (at least it did this when I had iTunes Match) when you turn iTunes Match on/off. 


    That is why when you say its a bug and needs to be fixed drives me crazy.  Its how they designed it to work, which means they put some thought into it and have rationale as to why it is that way. 


    The same goes for only being able to feed music into your iDevice via iTunes Match vs iTunes Computer.  They designed it this way.  Its not a bug.  If you dont like that experience, request a change.  But sitting in the forums calling it a bug... does not make it a bug.  It is working as they have designed it. 


    Now, if you have files that meet the criteria they have provided and are not corrupted, then that is a bug that needs to be worked through.  That is what you should be focusing on fixing.  Because if you resolve getting your misfit files into iTunes Match, then you dont have a need for Apple to change their design (which most likely isnt going to happen) and allow you to sync with multiple libraries. 


    Just because I suggest these notions, does not make be a fanboy.  I just provided in the post before a NON Apple solution.  One that I use.  I think iTunes match is a great idea.  But after using it, it just was not for me.  I have too big of a library to begin with (i deleted alot to get under the limit and try it, only to bring them all back once I turned off iTunes Match.)  I also found there were issues with smart playlists, at first.  When I was doing DJ work on the side, it kept me from getting my newest music on my iPhone to listen and study on the go.  I had no trouble turning it off and going old school with it.  I just needed to choose a solution I was happy with, just as everyone else should. 

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    I clicked to stop receiving these yet I still did.  I will be sure to check and make sure this subscription stays off after responding.

    I actually like apple but challenging your constant attempts to spin everything as not a bug, for the greater good, etc. makes me want to bring up other bugs and annoyances or things that need fixing to help get your head out of the clouds, and makes me seem less happy with apple than I am which is why talking to you is an exercise in frustration I don't need.

    For your info:

    1. Being able to select and synch iTunes U playlists but having those playlists not show up anywhere on the phone if you have match on is a BUG unless they're just trying to make it look like it doesn't work.

    2. Overwriting your music with "clean-edited" versions so you can no longer access your true music with iTunes Match enabled is a BUG, especially when your track is tagged explicit and don't have parental controls on, unless they mean to nanny you and take access to your own music away.

    3. Having certain tracks stuck forever in the cloud and not being able to get specific tracks on your device anymore without deleting from the cloud and starting all over is a bug.

    You yammer on and on about how apple doesn't give options because they want it simple, yet giving no options and forcing users to delete, reset, wait over and over till it finally goes through is way more complicated and frustrating than a simple option to manually synch a playlist from your own library to your own device.  You pretend it would be such a complicated endevour when such a simple option is just a choice they make, not because its so complicated or unimaginable technical obstacles...

    You twist my words like I actually want apple to load stuff to their cloud they don't want to.

    I'm just expressing that it makes iTunes match seem limited and people look like suckers when it takes away such simple options over your own device or library, and doesn't actually "just work" in lots of cases, where a little user control would resolve so much.

    Itunes match is fantastic for lots of things, but getting you to stop rationalizing or twist what i was asking actually makes me more annoyed with apple trying to get you to understand.

    Yes, you just gave people an option why they should just accept they wasted 25$, quit complaining about its bugs and self-imposed limitations, and shell out another $100 on top, instead of requesting such a simple option like manually synching a playlist from your computer you already designated to synch other stuff with, like you could before paying the extra 25$.  Yay.   Good luck.

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    Netsoup - The fact you just want to bring up "other bugs" and annoyances shows you have no real goal but to complain about something.  But it seems you have alot to complain about.  Maybe you should question if you should even have a computer for starters.


    You cant stand someone found a different way to do something other than the way you want it done.  It insults you and taughts you from the sounds of it. 


    Most people were coming here to find a way to get content on their device.  All you have told them is its broke and there is no hope until Apple Fixes it.  What do you think those people thought of that answer? 


    Do us all a favor.  Unsubscribe. 

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    I've found that logging out of iTunes and reenabling iTunes Match (letting it rediscover your personal music library) has solved my scyning problems 100% of the time.

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    iPad and iPhone exceptional devices. I am sorry for what you all are facing. I am dealing with it too. I am a huge fan and have both, but iTunes and Match are a living nightmare. Very poorly designed. Similar to safari. If you paid for match - you have been ripped off.  This is not easy, or seamless, or transparent or any of the representations that were and are being made by Apple. It is tremendously time consuming and even after, a satifatory result is not achieved. Match is turned on on my computer, ipad and iphone. The itunes play lists and albums I have on my computer ( for example - added new playlists, consolidated albums under one title, and etc - and I had to do this on the computer - as the ipad is still fully teathered to the computer and you cannot do it on the ipad music app) are not reflected on iphone or ipad. One cannot do any sort of real organizing on the ipad music app. You must go back to the computer for many things - absoutely teathered to a computer in total contradiction to the the marketing and statements by Tim Cook and others. And once you spend time organizing the changes are not updated on toher devices and all efforts are reversed. The idap app is really nothing but a player. If one has a library of many singles from different albums, the Albums section is useless - cluttered with 100 "albums" with one song in them so the true albums are lost in the clutter. I send this just as a statment in the hopes the Aplple staff read this string, but I doubt it. I am not coming back to see any responses. Anytime thre is need for lengthy forums it is the hallmark of a porrly designed system. Intuitive, fully featured systems that work correctly and satify customers don't need excessive forums and discussion. 

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    Exactally, if Podcasts aren't allowed in the cloud, then I should be able to manually drag a playlist to the phone, which I can. But the playlist won't show up in the Podcast app. The podcasts do get moved to the phone, but are all in alphabetical order under "Podcasts," which defeats the purpose of a playlist.


    So with iTunes match on, the phone is told "Don't allow anything that isn't from the cloud" and iTunes is told "Don't allow Podcasts or Books to go into the cloud."


    I'm thinking Apple could solve the problem by providing a desktop podcast app and get podcasts out of iTunes altogher.

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    I just subscribed to iTunes Match the other day and this morning, I noticed my Playlists on my iPhone 5s are totally messed up. Some music is missing and some music has been added that I didn't add.


    When I plug my iPhone into my Mac and select it under Devices in iTunes, go to Music--it only shows iTunes Match is on and lets me check whether to sync memos or not. What? it doesn't show any playlists. This *****! I want iTunes Match so I can listen to iTunes Radio ad-free but I also want my carefully setup Playlists to be available on my iPhone.

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    A Google search brought me to this discussion, the original post is the same problem I am having.  I tried to weed through some of the responses, but there are too many.  Perhaos someone can tell me if a solution has been identified?


    I have iTunes Match turned on on my iPhone 5.  My playlists are not all there, and the ones that are, are not complete.  These are regular playlists, not "Smart."  I tried to add some of the missing songs to the playlists manually, on my phone, but the songs are not on my phone at all, even though they are in my library which is supposed to be 100% accessible throguh iTunes Match. Searching doesn't give me the ability to download them from the cloud, either.






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