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Mehrdad erfani Level 1 Level 1

Hi there

I have problem with updating applications on my ipad2. Acctually when I want to install a new app nothing goes wrong; a popup window appears including my Apple ID, and all I have to do is to enter my password. But when updating apps, that window appears again but with an wrong ID. An Apple ID that is not mine! Where could I edit this that. I know how to change my Apple ID in my ipad, bud this iTunes ID...! I couldn't find it.

iPad 2
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    The id that is on the right-hand side of Settings > Store is the iTunes account that is currently logged in on the iPad - by tapping on it you should be able to log out of it and then be able to log in with a different account.


    Is the id that is appearing in the App Store a previous account that you've used, or have you ever connected the iPad to somebody else's computer/account ?

  • Meanest doll Level 1 Level 1

    It is an old ID in my case and when I try to update the old account to the same password it tells me it has been used in the last year and won't let me do it. When I try to link it or do it through security questions it says my birthdate is wrong

  • bsunman Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem as Mehrdad Erfani.


    At times creating itunes account (for internationals) the Apple ID wasn't required or even available. All the purchase was done throughout itunes account.


    Yesterday I wasn't able to update some applications as the ipad kept asking for Apple ID, PW etc which practically never existed. So I had to create an Apple ID. I thought if I'd created the Apple ID with the the exact same mail address as itunes, it would work. Disaster... I can by new application throughout the Apple ID. However my previous purchased applications cannot be updated, ipad assumes that it was purchased by a different account. If somehow I have to restructure the ipad, apperantly all the applications will be lost.


    Over the years I have been struggling not to change to Android, as I had a huge investment into apple platform applications. For that reason I kept buying the whole iphone series upto iphone 5 and the whole ipad series upto ipad3... Somehow I felt like a kind of return of investment of the applications. Sadly I follow all the forums on this subject... Apperantly it was a problem for months... I believe it will be a big goodby to Apple world...