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I have been using AppleTV for a couple of years, primarily to play iPhoto slideshows to music on our TV's. With a recent update (either to Apple TV, iTines or iPhoto, not sure, but I think it changed after an Apple TV update) we can no longer watch our individual iPhoto slideshows (By individual slide shows, I mean we used to be able to choose what slide show or album we wanted to play with music on the Apple TV. i.e.: vacation slideshow, birthday slideshow, Christmas slideshow, etc...) Now when you select what photos you want to share in iTunes, I check those albums & slideshows I want available but some do not appear on Apple TV  and those that do appear are automatically combined (for example it will combine Vacation and Christams slideshows into one massive slide show and their is no way to select one or the other.) Until a month or two ago this was not the case. I know I can create slideshows and save them to iMovie/iTunes or burn to disc but I do not want to do that, I like keeping them in iPhoto so they can constantly be added to and altered, thats the fun of it!


Any ideas or known fixes would be appriciated. I love how Apple is always changing things for the better, but every so often they update software and end up taking away features that I use! It can be frustrating!


Thanks in adavnce for your help!

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    It is Apple TV2, running latest software. iTunes, iPhoto, Lion, etc are all up to date.

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    To simplify my first comments: Apple TV no longer shows slideshows from iPhoto at all, unless you go into iTunes> Advanced> Choose Photos to Share: You can display 1 specific slideshow if you select that slideshow only but to do this you must make this selection on iTunes and cannot access the individual slideshows from Apple TV like I used to be able to do. If you check more than one slideshow it just combines them. The other option is to check "all phots, albums, events, etc" in iTunes but then it only shows events and albums but no longer shows 'slideshows' on Apple TV...?

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    Include them as an album, not really sure why slideshows are not included but since they never worked as the slideshow you created in iPhoto, there isn't really any difference by including them as an album.

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    I cannot figure out how to move or convert an existing 'slideshow' to an 'album'. (in the end, all I really need to do is move the pix from a given slideshow to an album so I can view it as a slide show on Apple TV) I don't mind if the slideshows are shuffled on the TV as long as I can keep each slide show seperate. I basically use my iPhoto slideshows as a drop off point so we can watch them on Aplle TV. I never really do much with them in iPhoto except add new photos to existing shows now and then, I had the slideshows set to shuffle on Apple TV anyway. If I could figure out how to convert each slide show to its own album that would probably work. (re-creating each slide show is not a good option since some of my family slideshows contain hundreds or in some cases over a thousand photos). I've tried dragging the slide show to "albums" catagory but that doesnt work.

    Thank you for the quick response!

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    One quick way would be to select all the photos along the top of the screen when the slideshow is selected and choose new album from the iPhoto file menu.


    Can I also suggest you use the events feature in iPhoto for future photos, it won't take a lot of additional effort and will come in very handy for finding your photos again should you ever wish to do so.

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    Great Idea, that worked! Thank you

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    Gallery works great for viewing pics also.  Unfortunately Apple is doing away with no for no known reason.