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My power button has completely failed and unresponsive. Cannot put on standby, turn off or reboot. Has anyone else got this?


I'm going to a genius bar next week as its still in warranty.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    I should have said. Did a factory setting reset and no luck as with a restore.

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    I started to have problem with my power button. But its not completely failed yet. Couple of times is not responding.

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    I had a power button failur on my iPhone 4 which is presumably more or less identical with regards to the power button. They had to replace the phone as they can only repaire the back glass. Take it back to the Genius Bar if possible.


    My friends just had theirs swopped out with few questions asked, as it's not deemed serviable.


    Mine was 14 months old so out of warranty - 199 euros was the fee

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    Going to a genius bar on Sunday as it's still in warranty.


    The weird thing is it came back fine yesterday and now has ceased to work again so I'm assuming a loose connection or dodgy contact.