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We purchased a 13" MBA with OS X Lion for wife, and she complains the blurry fonts are hurting her eyes.  


Her 2003 WindowsXP (xfx GeForce 6200 card) on a 23" Sceptre at 1920x1200

with display driver's Advance option selected

for fonts display at 144dpi 150% gives crystal clear font edges.


The MBA fonts all have shadowy edges. 

(Genius Bar guy told her to sit farther from the screen.  She will, close to her Windows computer.)


I have tried setting the smoothing off for under 12 point, unchecking the let page override fonts,

and also tried setting large minimums in Firefox,

(and also tried setting to the exact same Firefox fonts and size preferences as the WinXP:

     Proportional: Serif 16

     Serif: Times New Roman

     San-Serif: Arial

     MonoSpace: Courier New  13

     Minimum: None



There are lots of fonts in the list - any better than the defaults?

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