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An APC Smart-UPS 750 FW:COM 02.1 / UPS.05.I: isn't correctly recognised by the 10.5.8 Server. It sees an UPS is connected, it displays the firmware version but the status of the battery is Zero

The UPC displays it is 100% Full and uses only 6% Power


Very frustrated, if the mean goes down it can't calcute when it needs shutdown


Is their a workaround to fix this?


Here the Details of the UPS read out over the USB-Kabel

Smart-UPS 750 FW:COM 02.1 / UPS.05.I:


Produkt-ID:    0x0003

  Hersteller-ID:    0x051d  (American Power Conversion)

  Version:    1.06

  Seriennummer:    ASxx141143xx

  Geschwindigkeit:    Bis zu 12 MBit/s

  Hersteller:    American Power Conversion

  Standort-ID:    0x1d100000

  Verfügbare Stromstärke (mA):    500

  Erforderliche Stromstärke (mA):    2

MacBook Pro 17, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 8 Gb RAM, 750Gb HD