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Sputumballer Level 1 Level 1

Problem with iPhone 4s searching for signal, than to full signal, and back again? Can anyone help? On AT&T

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


    If needed, replace SIM card.

  • pianoman1231 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue. I brought my iphone 4s to at&t first and they replaced sim card with no change in the problem. So i went to the apple store and they reset the network settings. It worked fine for about 10 days. Now its doing the exact same thing. I've reset the network settings 3 times already and nothing has changed. Its very frustrating. Any other suggestions?

  • sashz Level 1 Level 1

    You can try all basic troubleshooting steps like --

    • Try rebooting the phone
    • Restarting the phone
    • Taking out the SIM, even though the phone is still switched ON and then put it back again
    • Turning the 'Location Service' OFF


    But to be honest, I have tried all of these but to any success. I guess there is some serious issue with this 5.0.1 update, which apple need to officially recognise and get a FIX in.....


    Did anyone got any other tricks which can solve this problem??

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6

    Restore the phone in iTunes, first using a backup, and if needed as a new iPhone, without using a backup (you can still sync Apps/music/media).  If restoring as new doesn't help, get your phone replaced under warranty.

  • BristolCell Level 1 Level 1

    Well I guess that it's a matter of IOS but let's face the facts : if it really was a matter of IOS why would other IPhone 4S having the same version and the same modem firmware works just normal without any issue ??? So i guess that it's a matter of hardware problem but anyway we will wait to see what will be Apple next move so let's be patient and follow their paths ....

  • Sputumballer Level 1 Level 1

    I put my sims in my wife's iPhone 4 with no issues.  Than I put her sims in my iPhone 4s with the same problem of signal for a minute than back off again.

  • Sputumballer Level 1 Level 1

    Did restore with my first iPhone 4s; I am on my second one.

  • KC7GNM Level 4 Level 4

    Then you have a bad iphone 4s I suggest taking it back to the apple store and getting it replaced

  • Sputumballer Level 1 Level 1

    Since I was having the signal problem with my phone, was told by AT&T service rep. to turn off the WIFI from time to time; not to run WIFI all the time. I had a few curse words for the solution. But, gave it a try anyway.  I am going on 4 days with no issues at this time.  Don't know why this is only a iPhone 4s problem. NEVER had to do this with my original iPhone, 3,3g,or 4. I have only been turning on WIFI when I need it, hope this helps.

  • Sputumballer Level 1 Level 1

    No it's not bad, I turn off WIFI and restart it with no signal problems. But, I have been leaving WiFi off all the time and only turn it on when I need it. Next week I am going to turn WIFI back on and see if the problem comes back. Than I will go to Apple with it for the third time.

  • lyssiixnole Level 1 Level 1

    Dude this is happening to me too and I'm AT&T in WPB , FL .  Is everyone with this problem with AT&T or is this happening even with Sprint & Verizon?? i want to know so I can solve this freakin problem NOW.  I went from the 4 b/c of the problem , to the 4s, then got that 4s replaced and it's STILL SEARCHING !!

  • Pikey18_AU Level 1 Level 1

    In Australia having the same issue. Currently there is a thread on a local tech forum about the issue wondering if the issue may be with 850MHz networks or the cell radio being idle. I have noticed when browsing using WiFi or just sitting on the lock screen it will lose it but when streaming radio over 3G for about two hours it had no issues. I had the buffer for the radio down to three seconds to if the 3G had dropped I would have noticed the music stop.


    I have spoken to Apple and they suggested to do a restore of the phone but not to restore my backup. I had no issues with the streaming radio so I restored the backup and did another hour of testing with no dropout. WiFi was enabled in first test but disabled in test with backup restored (so it had to stream over 3G not my WiFi).


    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • asmith44093 Level 1 Level 1

    You're screwed.  I have an iPhone 4s and this started happening to me so I took it to AT&T and got a new SIM card.  It worked for about 20 minutes.  So then I went to Apple and they replaced my iPhone 4s with a brand new one, no questions asked.  This worked out great for about 5 days, then back to searching.  Obviously it is not a hardware issue and there is something wrong with iOS 5.0.1.  Waiting on Apple to come out with a new update!

  • gangsta14 Level 1 Level 1

    well steve jobs died and now apple is going down the toilet.  I got the 4s three weeks ago. Into the second week the "searching" calling AT&T they did everyting they could and it came down to restoring the phone.  This laster for a week, it randomly froze and began with the same problem.  That night i went to the AT&T they replaced the sim and it didnt help. So from there i went to the apple store and the replaced my phone with no problem. Everything was fine until the next morning untill it started happening again.  It cant be the companys problem, it started right after the IOS 5.0.1 update. 

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