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Does anyone know how the camera roll is handled when you purchase more space on iCloud than you have available on your iPhone?  Does the camera roll expand out wirelessly and virtually on the iPhone to use the extra storage in the iCloud?  I'm not talking about photostream here.  You see I'm hoping that I don't have to use my PC anymore with my iPhone. And to do that I will be wanting to store all my photos on iCloud.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    This Apple document answered many of my questions:




    From my understanding:


    I have enabled iCloud backup and the camera roll is included in that backup  But unfortunately I have no access to it from the web (currently). And the camera roll on my iPhone 4 definitely does not expand out wirelessly and virtually to include the camera roll backup on the web.


    If I delete a photo from my camera roll and then do a couple of iCloud backups then my photo might be gone for good.  Not sure if iCloud is doing a differential or incremental backup or mirroring or something else.  That said, I think that iCloud does keep my last three (full) backups.  So I might be in luck if I delete a photo accidentally.  But a full restore from iCloud would be required?


    Once I run out of space on my iPhone 4 then I will probably need to move my excess pictures and videos off  my phone and back them up separately.


    I'm not getting rid of my computer just yet.