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  • gilcelli Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi Robert,


    Thank you for your kind words.


    As far as I know even on other UNIX systems (Linux or FreeBSD) you have to manually edit the DNS and DHCP files to allow dynamic DNS updates.

    I have done it before on a FreeBSD server.


    Well of course it could be done via a GUI, but I think it's more a security concern when allowing DNS updates, but not sure...


    Anyway I'm glad I could figure it out for OS X Server and that I could help someone ;-)


    If you have questions or suggestions please let me know :-)





  • Ronald Rood Level 1 (35 points)

    Nice piece of work Gilcelli,


    how about changes in the dns service made using ServerManager? Will the changes you made in /etc/named.conf survive this kind of editing ? Since Apple dropped the dhcp service from Mountain Lion it looks like this is the way to go any way.

    Was hoping they would make things easier instead of more complex.


    thanks for your nice description.


  • Robert Assum Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Ronald,


    indeed really good feedback and a pity that Apple does not have anything out-of-the-box to offer as they are anyway just taking open source tools and creating their not really nicely working GUIs around it.


    Nevertheless DHCP is still available in OS X Server 10.8 as it was but for some reason Apple decided not to bring any configuration GUI into the Server App. Really don't get the point of it.


    Here the official article about this "fact":





  • gilcelli Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks Ronald for your feedback.


    Indeed DHCP is still there in Mountain Lion Server...but as I wrote before all major Linux Distros and FreeBSD doesn't provide direct DHCP+DNS dynamically either.


    I think it's more a for security reason as anything else...but not sure ;-)




  • David Kelly1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Yes, security concerns. I don't want a machine to appear on my network claiming its name is "google" or "" no matter my DNS would make that into google.private or Yes it shouldn't fool anyone, still, I don't want it. This is a reason you do not want to let DHCP make entries in DNS on user demand. Nevermind Microsoft makes this possible with a single mouse click in their server.


    Wouldn't object to automatically calculated DNS names such as host_YYZ.


    What I would like is GUI integration of DNS+DHCP in the server management tools. If I create a static DHCP entry then I'd like that to be published in DNS (currently do this manually). Would like the management tools to be smart enough when the entry is deleted from DHCP then its automatically deleted from DNS (often forget to do this manually).

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