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I have seen many comments about WiFi networks and the seemingly impossibility of the iPod to connect to some.


However, I have not come across a solution to my issue - there may have been one but I confess I've not been successful at finding it!


I have set up a home network. At first I used an Airport Extreme but then it died so I set things up with a NetGear DG834GT. The home network uses a WPA2 password.


At home no problem - my MacBook Pro (Core2Duo), my son's iMac i7, my 2nd Gen iPod Touch (4.2.1) and my iPad 2 all connect great to the WiFi network.  I can surf the web etc etc. I'm a happy bunny.


When I'm out and about I often use my iPod Touch to get access to the web and my e-mails etc using WiFi.  Most networks are secured meaning you have to type in a password.  Hotels are like this and usually there is no problem once the front desk gives me the password.  The unsecured ones are often WiFi Zone Hotspots where you have to pay to continue.  I don't usually bother with these.


Some sites though offer unsecured, free access and free internet use - coffee shops in particular.  A coffee shop near me has such a network and I have absolutely no problem connecting.  However, I have come across a few networks which show up in the "Available Networks" list complete with name etc.  And yet when you select this network and try to join I get the message "Unable to join such and such Network.  Obvioulsy with no network connection there is no internet etc.


Usually I simply ignore this problem and wait until the next WiFi network is available (when I get home?).  Not quite so reliable if home is 3000 miles away!


But does anyone know why there are some networks that I cannot join?  Is there a solution for this that I can carry out?  I've tried the usual things like resetting the iPod, forgetting the network etc.  Obviously I do not have access to the router as this is owned and operated by the company/enterprise concerned.


Not a show stopper by any means but an irritation nevertheless.  Incidentally, there were also a few networks recently on my travels where both the Touch and the iPad behaved the same.  i.e. I couldn't join some networks with either device.



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    This could be the result of a number of different things ranging from the network's wireless signal not being strong enough for your iPod Touch to get a reliable connection to certain configurations made on the wireless network preventing outside users from connecting.  Your best option in this situation is contact the network administrator if at all possible and see if there's anything they can do for you.



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    Interesting hypothesis B-rock.  I could try contacting the network administrator but my guess is that I'll be met with a blank look when I ask for that! Still can't be bad to try!


    Another piece of "anecdotal" evidence for you.  At the local garden centre (which is part of a chain) I used to be able to connect - no problem.  Then suddenly all connections failed - at all locations.  I am leaning towards believing that they have changed routers to more "modern" ones and for some reason these new routers won't allow connection to an iPod/iPad etc.  As yet I cannot confirm this or otherwise and unless someone comes up with a bright idea I'm left with the feeling that unless the network administrator recognises that he/she needs to create a network that works with iPads/iPhones etc we're doomed.  I noticed that the next table over using a PC had no problems!  Grrrr.

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    That's a possibility.  It's hard to say for sure when there are so many brands of routers and modems out there as well as the fact that not all support or follow the same standards.  On top of that, there are so many different configurations that can be made on each that might prevent your iPod from connecting to it.


    The 2G iPod Touch only supports the 802.11b/g wireless protocols, but the protocl is backwards compatible with the older ones including b and g.


    Sorry I could not be of further assistance on this one.



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    Thanks B-Rock.


    This is one of those imponderables that probably will never get resolved.  I have to believe though that there must be a huge number of luddites out there who haven't yet woken up to the fact that millions upon millions of people have bought iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches etc and they would like to connect to WiFi networks to be able to surf the web and pick up e-mails.  To create a WiFi network that refuses the connection to one of these devices is a mite short sighted methinks!  I will keep on trying and if I do find that the solution is in my hands I will post back here again.