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Ok, so I'v moved all my contacts, email and calendars to iCloud and everything is wonderfull.


I share a few calendars with my girlfriend and she is sharing her study calendar with me.


We have a shared calendar set up, where we enter when our son is in daycare and we have another shared calendar with things we do together.


Now comes the tricky question:


How do we share our icloud calendar showing our sons day in the daycare, with our parents who don't have any Apple devices and only uses google calendar?


Reason for this is, we live in the same city, and sometimes they want to go and pick up our son. With a shared calendar like that, they would just be able to write a note in their synced google calendar saying that they are going to pick up our son, and we would see it in our synced icloud calendar.


Also, my girlfriend only have an old-school cellphone. She is now finnaly getting a smartphone through her work.


Only problem I see comming with this, is that her phone is not going to be an iPhone.


So how do we keep sharing all our icloud calendars with her on a windows phone 7.5?


Is the Apple ecosystem finaly getting so clamped up, that it won't allow users who happen to have frinds or family without i-products, to share their life with them?


As everything stands now, I'm getting the feeling that Apple demands me to buy Apple products to all my family and frinds, just so that we can still interact and plan our different lives through shared calendars on icloud.


Can this really be right?


I hope I'm just missing something. Cause I really thought, that icloud would be this outstanding product which would make my cloud-life the easiest thing in the world. Instead, it really seems to be a step back, in the cloud evolution.

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    On iCloud.com, you can make a public calendar and share the URL with your family as shown in this screenshot :



    The problem is that it can't be subscribed to in Google Calendar. An error message pops up or no events are shown. I tried in Mozilla Sunbird (a free calendar app) and the events show perfectly.


    Can your family sign up for a iCloud account even if they don't have any Apple products ? They would have to access the calendar via the web, though.

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    Thanks for your answer..


    it dosn't really solve my problem, since I'm not interested in only sharing a calender on the web.


    My wish is to sync my calendar with friends and family that are not using icloud, and not using apple product at all.


    For example: My girlfriend, how finaly is getting a smartphone, needs some way to add and edit our shared calendar, so that we can both enter and edit appointments.


    Same goes for my parrents, that whants to be able to set appointments of when they want to pick up our son at the daycare.


    All this is possible, and has been possible for ages with other online calendar systems, so why does apple take a step down the evolutionstaires by disabling such a great feature?


    Though MobileMe was not perfect, it did infact make this possible as I remember, so why can't this be done in iCloud?


    You can subscribe to CalDav on your i-device, but you can't share one with friends, in what world is that logic?