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How do you number pages but start the numbering on, say, the second page? I can get it to omit the page number from the first page (my title page for a research paper) but no matter what I do the first page is still labeled "2." I want the first page of my document to be labeled "1." In Word there is an option for this sort of thing, but I can't find an equivalent in Pages.


Also, is there any way to break the page away from the left side of the window? In Word, when you expand the window, it centers the page in the window. In Pages, the page is still stuck to the left side of the window, which is an eye-sore in my opinion. I turned "view formatting" on which put a tiny amount of gray around the page but I don't really want to see the black boxes all over my pages...


I switched to Pages because I was tired of the formatting bar and flaws in Word but now I'm finding that Pages has it's own slew of problems...




EDIT: managed to find out how to fix the page numbering problem, why a "section break" is necessary instead of a "page break" is beyond me... Seems like Word has a much easier way to accomplish this than Pages.


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    Click at the bottom of the 1st page:


    Menu > Insert > Section Break


    Click in the 2nd page.


    Inspector > Layout > Section > Page Numbers > Start at: 1 > uncheck Use Previous headers & footers


    Click in your header or footer on the 2nd page:


    Menu > Insert > Auto Page Numbers…


    Delete the page number in the first page if you get one.


    Page Break is like a soft return in a paragraph it doesn't really start a new section just nudges your text over to the next page, which is something you frequently want without starting a whole new set of page numbers or layout.


    Section Break is basically a chapter start with all that that entails, first page, headers, footers, page numbering etc.


    If Word is muddling up the two, that is a flaw in Word.



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    How do I find some updated information in order to find out how to use Mac pages?   The information offered here is old or not relevant to my 5.2.2 version of pages.

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    This topic has been answered hundreds of times including for your (outdated) version of Pages 5.2.2 and for the current Pages 5.5.2.


    You simply have found this 3 year old post.


    There is no manual for Pages 5, just what is under the Help menu and whatever you can find on this and other Forums.


    Start by helping yourself, looking through the Menus, the Toolbar, the Format Sidebar and trying things to see what happens.


    If you find Pages 5 to be slow, awkward, obtuse and hard to use, you are simply discovering something the rest of us have been dealing with for almost 17 months since Pages 5 was launched and Apple sidelined the version that works: Pages '09.