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    That's a lot of tmp files!  You might want to run OnyX, which supposedly can delete all tmp files wherever they're hiding.  I wonder if you could speed things up further by entering TM and deleting the corresponding backup files.  That's a lot of directory entries that TM would no longer have to make comparisons with.

  • Jeff Bailey Level 2 Level 2

    Sure is.  In another thread ( there are some poor shmucks that had over a million files in that directory!  Clearly a bug, and I'll bet it's all due to synchronizing calendars with Google calendar.  Thanks for the tips.


    I wrote a script to delete those files several times a day.  That, and excluding the directory from TM backups, saved me.

  • jpdemers Level 1 Level 1

    iTunes is another contender (offender) in the useless tmp file sweepstakes -- crap piles up in your Library even if you never  run iTunes! 


    I'd hesitate to exclude entire directories (especially in the Libraries) from TM backups.  If there's anything other than throw-away files in there, a full restore from TM (e.g. from a hard drive crash) might not turn out well.


    OS-X, with its unruly tmp files, is getting to be like Windows, with its ever-proliferating registry files.  Apple really ought to make an OnyX-like clean-up part of the shut-down process.  I'm guessing that a script that hunts them down and kills them could be written, but it would run for a very long time.

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