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I just got an iPad...I bought songs on iTunes but I don't know how to transfer the songs from my iPad to my computer

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    You can use the transfer the purchases feature to put the music into itunes on your computer. Read the instructions copied from......



    If you want to transfer iTunes Store purchases from an iOS device or iPod to a computer, be sure to authorize the computer before connecting the device. To authorize, follow these steps:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. From the Store menu, choose Authorize Computer.
    3. In the dialog that appears, the Apple ID button is selected by default.
    4. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click the Authorize button.

    If the iTunes Store purchases on your device were purchased with multiple accounts, you will need to authorize the computer for each one.To transfer iTunes Store purchases from your device to a computer, follow these steps:

    1. Connect your device to the computer. If it is synced with another iTunes library, the following dialog may appear:Alert offering the chance to transfer purchases in iTunes
    2. Click the Transfer Purchases button.

    3. Important: Clicking Erase and Sync will delete any existing content currently on your device. The content will be replaced with whatever existing content is in the current iTunes library your device is connected to. If there is no content in the iTunes library, nothing will be synced to your device, and your device will be empty.

    iTunes will begin copying any purchases made with any account for which the computer is authorized.

    If when you connect your device you are not prompted by the dialog above, it could be that the option "Do not ask me again" was previously selected. Fortunately, there are two more ways you can copy your purchases from your device.

    After connecting your device to the computer and its icon appears in iTunes, you can choose Transfer Purchases from "Your device name" from the File menu.

    File > Transfer Purchases from "Device Name" option

    Or, you can right-click (Windows or Mac) or Control-click (Mac only) your device in the iTunes Source list, then choose Transfer Purchases from the shortcut menu that appears.

    Transfer Purchases in the contextual menu for the device

    Please note that this feature only works for items that were purchased on the iTunes Store. Any items imported from audio CDs or acquired from other sources will not copy from your device to the iTunes library.


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    When you plug into itunes, there is a menu option to transfer purchases.  This takes apps and music that you have purchased, and moves them to your computer i tunes library.


      Alternately, you can just log onto the i tunes store from your computer and you should be able to download purchased music to your i tunes library.

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    Terrific reply as usual Demo!

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    Thank you for your help. It worked!

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    I guess you didn't do too bad yourself!