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jackiefromport hope Level 1 Level 1

I have successfully unsynced my iphoto and facebook, which allows me to delete photos/edit photos from iphoto without affecting my facebook pictures and albums.  Here's how it's done.


Go to iphoto.

Click on "iphoto" in top left of your screen (in the tool bar)

Click on "preferences"

Click on "accounts"

Highlight your facebook account and hit the minus sign below.

Check the box that appears, and away you go.


Your facebook will now be disabled from your iphoto and your f/b pics will be safe.


I would advise not re-syncing, as I don't know what will happen if you do.  Now that I've come this far, I'm not going to bother finding out!


I safely emptied my iphoto trash, which held 4600 deleted pictures in it.  Many of these pics were posted on my facebook.  Once emptied, my facebook pictures were still safely showing on f/b.  (when you empty your iphoto trash, you must then go to the trash can on your dock as the photos have been moved to a folder there.  Delete that folder to permanently delete your trashed pics).

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • LarryHN Level 9 Level 9
    Photos for Mac

    If you do not want to Sync iPhoto and face book then simply do not use iPhoto are your upload method - do it directly from a browser - then there is no connection - if you use iPhoto then the sync conneciton is exactly as documented and advertised



  • A New Apple User Level 1 Level 1

    Larry, you have posted on every thread regarding people wanting iPhoto and Facebook to stop synchronizing changes and you actually sound like a Microsoft Windows fanatic as you explain why the hundreds of people that all want to do the same thing -- disable future changes to a Facebook album from 5 days/months/years ago -- just need to understand that the product works exactly as the manual describes and go away. Specifically, they should never have used the capability in the first place (i.e. they should travel back in time and alter their decision to use iPhoto's Facebook upload capability).


    This is not at all in the spirit of how most Apple products work. Their products are generally quite intuitive. In this case, all users of Facebook have experienced album uploads as a one-time event (perhaps with a few additional tweaks immediately after the initial upload). Therefore, this idea of life-long synchronization is completely counterintuitive. Further, iPhoto allows the capability to configure a preference for manually syncing changes (and adds a sync button next to the album), yet continues to automatically sync certain types of changes even when said button is not pressed.


    I don't think you've yet added any value to the discussion by implying that the typical and expected user experience is invalid -- especially when one cannot retroactively change a past decision to use iPhoto to upload photos to Facebook.


    A simple "Disable future synchronization of this album with Facebook" checkbox makes a lot of sense. Yes, I submitted a feature request.

  • LarryHN Level 9 Level 9
    Photos for Mac

    Your choice - I am a USER just like you and all I can do is exactly what there forums are for - EXPLAIN HOW THINGS ACTUALLY WORK


    Is you do not like that then I'm sorry - I can not change things or make anything different that it is - it is what it is and I try to help people by explaining how it works - interesting that in spite of you RANT your status is ZERO - You have never ASSISTED a single person  --  I have helped thousands




    The question was VERY simple - "

    how to unsync iphoto and facebook"


    The answer was also extremely simple - you can not - if you do want the feature the way is is implemented then DO NOT USE IT - there are many other alternatives including the suggested Browser uploads  -- UNSYNCING is simply NOT an OPTION


    Just because you do not like the CORRECT answer is certainly no reason to attack the person giving the CORRECT answer



    Maybe you need to have a drink and go to bed and hopefully wake up in a better mood in the morning  --  or maybe you have already had too many




  • CarrieN Level 1 Level 1

    Larry, it's not the level 7 you're having which determines if you can block EVERY thread on this topic. Don't worry, everybody who's looking for a solution to this problem - Apple being not careful enough to use a Synch device for something MOST of the people expect to be a one time export IS a problem - is well aware of your point of view. Just to remind you, the previous export to facebook function was only an export one, not a synch one.


    As A New Apple User, I may be pretty naive, but I do hope Apple is actually reading the problems we're facing and try to make it evolve.


    And if I may, if you're so in love with the Synch function, get a Palm Pilot! Cheers

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10

    As A New Apple User, I may be pretty naive, but I do hope Apple is actually reading the problems we're facing and try to make it evolve.


    If you want to communicate your ideas and feedback to Apple this is not the place to do it. This forum is for users to talk to other users. Apple don't promise to read anything here. However they do read the feedback via the Feedback mechanism:


    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback


    and that's the way to get to them.







  • edus Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Larry,


    two things. first, context. second, my actual question that i would love to hear back about.


    1) So, I would like to unsync my photos in the manner that jackie did up above. I want to do this, because when I upload something to facebook, it was my expectation that I would no longer need to worry about it, since it' s now on the internets. NOW, I've arrived at a point where I would like to free up my hard drive by deleting many, if not all, of the photos from my hard drive. However, now I'm worried that by doing this, I will have wasted valuable time uploading and organizing albums to share with my friends, only to have them dissapear from the internets.


    2) jackie claims that she WAS able to unsync the photos. you said this was not possible. can you clarify?




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    Going back to what Jackie was saying - Jackie, I'm trying to do the same exact thing that you posted about. Back in '09, I synced certain FB albums using iPhoto. Now I'm trying to delete a bunch of photos from my iPhoto library to make more room and in doing so, I deleted some of my photos on FB by accident. Very frustrating. So you're saying all I need to do is stop syncing FB and iPhoto (under Preferences) and all of my albums will still for sure be intact on FB? Just wanted to double check since the last thing I need is if I disable the syncing in iPhoto, I then lose all those synced albums on FB. Just a bit paranoid, so please clarify. Thanks Or if anyone else on here can answer the question, that works for me too.

  • jackiefromport hope Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, Melinda, it worked for me.  Un-syncing will dis-connect your facebook from your iphoto, and once you do that you can delete photos and albums in either place with out it affecting the other place.  I was so delighted, to figure it all out myself, after the master-moron Larry up there, skirted around the issue numerous times, never addressing my actual question, instead, merely mocking me, spewing attitude, and trying to make me feel like an idiot.  Note I used the word "trying".  Who's the idiot, Larry?  Yeah, that's right.


    Best wishes, Melinda!  

  • jackiefromport hope Level 1 Level 1

    EW, Yes, I was able to it using the steps that I listed above.  Apparently, Larry thinks he knows a thing or two, but all he knows is how to avoid questions, and throw his attitude around.  Hope you give the un-syncing business a try, EW.  It works.

  • melinda224 Level 1 Level 1

    Yay!! It worked! Thanks so much for your help, Jackie, and for responding back to me so fast! Looks like I came to the right place

  • jackiefromport hope Level 1 Level 1

    Yay, you!!  I'm so glad.   I remember feeling this enormous sense of relief when I did it, and didn't lose any of my photos or albums.  




  • jackiefromport hope Level 1 Level 1

    Can't be done eh, Larry?  (chuckle chuckle) 

  • Dollis1 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much JH! I was so worried about my albums and am not quite so computer savvy as Mr. Larry. I was getting tired of my pics disappearing every time I Time Machined my Mac Air, but now the sky has opened and the light has dawned upon my tiny, little life. Thanks again!!!

  • Doeram Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you! Everytime I looked at the album on iPhoto it was posting more pics to facebook So glad to find your solution.

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