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I posted this in multiple forums in which it applies to.


Just looking for troubleshooting suggestions from my wireless N MBPro, to my wired ATV2. Here is the rundown (all devices running latest updates):


1)used to work just fine with old router

2)airplay works in all directions, from wireless devises to the wired ATV2

3)updated to a much newer N router from cisco

4)now, airplay works over Ethernet from itunes to ATV2 (and iphone4s to ATV2), ATV2 plays music from my MBPro just fine

5) however airplay fails to work from itunes to ATV2 over wirelesss

6)all wireless connections are sound, it is not a bandwidth problem, it literally says "connecting to apple tv" and never stops or connects

7)itunes sees the ATV2 just fine over both Ethernet and wireless connections, i can select ATV2 as an output even when on wireless

8)it will even ask for the password once i select it


So, any suggestions? I just dont know where I am going wrong, somehow the wireless aspect is the broken link. As a side note, all wireless clients and wired clients are on the same subnet.


Thanks for any suggestions or help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)