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  • iryna187 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same problem. I used my friend's phone becuase mine didn't have battery left. I used it for about 5 hours. took my sim card back. But he is still receiving my iMessages even he has his sim card inserted!



    this is absolutely ridiculous! I am very very upset and think it smells bad - the privacy has been violated!

  • Izham Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone tried switching iMessage off, then switching it back on in the Messages menu in Settings? It seems to work for me.


    I too was planning to sell off my iPhone 4. So i did the "Erase Content and Settings" only to find out that my imessages was still going to my old phone. Did restore a couple more times thinking that it was just a fluke. But nothing worked. Even the blue "Send" button would not turn green on my wife's iphone whenever she tried sending a text message to me even though i've been using my spare "dumb phone" as an interim. But once i switched iMessages off then back on it finally stopped. Now the message under the On/Off button which would normally say, "iMessages can be sent between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch" changes to "Waiting for activation". I assume, once a new SIM card is slot in, it will reregister the new number the the iphone.


    But of course this wont work if your phone was stolen. This method will only work if you still have your old iphone with you, or if you are still in contact withthe new owner. Do let me know if this helps.

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    I did the same thing to keep my daughter from getting messages from other family members.  When I turned it off she only had text messages.  When I turned it back on, her I message works but it's asking for my login info, which I didn't put in. 


    I'm going to have to break down and get her own cloud account and she's only 12. We have officially switched to gift cards only so maybe it won't be too bad.  I just didn't want her to lose purchases made from my account.  I hate all this sign in sign out sign in as another user sign back in crap.

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    I need help here. I just bought two unlocked 4S's. One for my wife and one for me. We live in an area that does not support AST&T so we have two providers. She is in another part of the state right now so she is using AT&T and I am using a local carrier. For some reason she can see my text message conversations on her phone. We both share the same itunes account. I called support and they told me to turn off my group messaging. I don't even have the icon or botton on the phone. He then told me to turn off my Imessaging. I guess my question is, If we have two diffrent carriers with two diffrent numbers, how in the heck can she view my conversations and my email to myself show up as a text message on her phone. There is a little security issue here. Can someone please help.

  • momfromthesouth Level 1 (0 points)

    Go to your settings and scroll down to the messages icon.  Turn your iMessage off.  The reason it shows up is because you share an iTunes account.  It has nothing to do with your carrier or number.  It thinks both devices belong to one person.  Once you turn it off, turn it back on but don't enter your account info.


    iMessage is seperate from other stuff so it can be not associated with your apple I'd while stuff like the app store still is.

  • dg125 Level 1 (0 points)

    this worked for me, thank you!

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    The SIM card is disabled, so they won't be able to make a phone call.  But because the phone was activated with the SIM card installed, it can send/recieve iMessages via WiFi.   I upgraded from a 3Gs to a 4s.  I still get the iMessages on my 3Gs, even though the SIM card is disabled.  I think I'll wipe the 3Gs with the SIM card removed tonight... just incase.

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    Ok, so far you appear to have come the closest. My family uses the same apple/iTunes acct. We just upgraded all of our phones to 4s today. Upon activation my mom started getting all my texts. I found this forum, turned off my iMessage. Logged back in, and noticed further down the screen that it said "Received at: 2 addresses." I noticed this was my number and my email. I checked my mom's, and yes, hers also showed my email. I did the add email address, and once it is verified it allowed me to delete mine. The phone number showed is hers, and now the email is hers.

    Did same for my husband, this completely solved the problem.

    I certainly hope this helps others. I assume the issue is the iMessage grabs the apple account email. Instead of asking for one. Someone thought they were saving you a step.

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    Let me tell you, this issue has caused some serious problems. I plugged my sim card into my ex girlfriend's iPhone for probably a half of a minute and all the sudden, an hour later she could read my whole conversation with the new girl I've been talking to. Laugh all you want, but I've never felt sicker in my life. Thank God she let me take her phone to try to fix it. After searching and searching, I did a few things that may have fixed this problem. First, I wiped both devices with their original SIM cards in them. Second, I signed out and back into both Apple ID accounts and lastly, I put a SIM pin on both phones. So far, so good, but trust me, I will be keeping a VERY close eye on that and I will never plug my SIM card into another phone or sell my iPhone to anyone. I am officially paranoid. -.-

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    I had this issue once, i changed my Apple ID Password which will work if the messages are going through your email address this will make it so no messages will be recieved at that particular phone, I tryed this when I sold my iOS 5 3GS, if it is going by your mobile number I would either suggest making your wife iMessage you through your email address or ask your mobile carrier to change your mobile number.


    I hope this will help.

  • Mark Hodge1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Has anyone seen this with iOS5.1?

  • Storysmama Level 1 (0 points)

    YES. I have iOS5.1 and this is happening to me now.

    Here is the situation....we had one iTunes acct with two iPhones. We have never had a problem with iMessages going to the each others phone until I just added an iPad. Now under my iTunes acct I have: boyfriends iPhone, my iPhone and my iPad. I sent a text message to boyfriend from iPad just to test it out. He received that text and it showed up on his phone as he sent it to himself. Ever since that text message he has been receiving copies of all my text messages and when he text messages me, it shows up on my phone as I am text messaging myself. Very confusing. I tried turning my iCloud off, changing my message settings but nothing seems to fix it. Now when someon texts me, it automatically goes to his phone also.

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    i have this problem, where my mum had the same apple id account and i put her sim in my new iphone beacuse it needed a live sim to start up then once i put my sim back in she was getting all my imesages worst case serario right! what i did and it works is turn imeasge of and change my apple id so now it sends only to my apple id and not hers!! hope this helps everyone with this problem!

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    So i have a question someone stole my phone today, my phone was locked, but if they popped out the sim and put it into another iphone, what would happen? I've since gotten a new phone and new sim card, but does the old one still have the information on it? so would they be able to, on a different iphone, read my iMessages?

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    I had this problem, had to set up a separate itunes account for the ipad.  Now I have a new problem, I added an iphone for my daughter and sometimes I receive her phone calls.  We are also getting apps the other downloads.  I did not set up iclouds.