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Mac OS X

Anyone know of a Mac app that can send the WOL 'Magic Packet' to a WOL enabled computer?


The target machine is a FreeNAS server built on old Dell PC hardware


WOL is enabled on BIOS and the NIC is alive even when the PC is off, so WOL should work


Need to be able to send the WOL command over the netwrok to get the NAS box to wake from OFF occcasionally when I want to performanc maintenance etc.


I currently have it set to wake via BIOS every night for the nightly backups, then shut down again.


I also have the BIOS set to "Power On" after power failure/outage..so I can turn it on via a remote control mains switch, but this does mean shutting down other PC (via their respective WebGUI's) on the same power strip before doing this.  These machines are locted in the attic, so it is a pain to manually climb up to them to power them on manually


To get a WOL command sent from the main house computer to wake the NAS server when needed outside of th ebackup hours would be a great addition

Solved by a brody on Nov 22, 2011 6:04 AM Solved
http://www.readpixel.com/wakeonlan/ sounds like the feature you desire.