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  • bawuva Level 1 Level 1

    So I just posted a message asking about moving my iMovie content to a new iMac and just saw this thread.  I did not realize the new version of iMovie does not include iDVD.  So if I'm reading this correctly, there is no way I can get iDVD on my new iMac?  and if this is correct, then I have to use a third party tool (Roxio Toast?) to create a DVD?

  • obx4life Level 1 Level 1

    I should have followed up on here last year. Not long after I posted this question, I decided to call Apple and complain. Without any trouble at all, they sent me an iLife program free of charge, which includes iDVD. So now I am able to burn my projects to DVD. Probably the only reason I got this courtesy was because I had only purchased the computer a couple of weeks prior to my complaint, but still, I am glad that they were accomodating.

  • thesurreyfriends Level 3 Level 3


    You must have had iDVD on your older  Macbook Pro ( your other post on moving content).

    As I see it you have two ways to do this.

    Copy iDVD from your laptop to your new iMac and burn on the iMac.

    Or if you are following Appleman's advice to enable you to drive iMovie from either machine via your external drive you could burn with iDVD  from the Macbook.

    As you appear to be wanting to upgrade  iMovie on your Macbook (other post) then you now appear to be spoilt for choice in burning your DVDs with iDVD if you have iDVD on both machines.

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    obx - thanx for the feedback.  I'll give it a whirl ... in my "spare time" ...

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    bawuva - forget Roxio Toast.  I bought that in an attempt to preserve the functionality of moving Tivo recordings to my Mac.  Had done that on a PC platform no problem with native Tivo software.  They don't support Mac, and push Toast.  Dont' waste you money: TOAST IS TOTAL GARBAGE.  Oh, don't get me wrong: very pretty front end.  But it's so unstable it wont' really run execute anything for me -- the minute I try and do anything with it - it locks up and becomes unresponsive.  This is on an imac less than a year old, and yes, I've updated to the latest version blah blah blah ... Roxio Toast *****, and their support is an outsourced pathetic joke ... They should be put in jail for taking people's money.

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    to a new iMac


    You want iDVD.


    If you are still within your 15 day return period.  Call Apple they will sent out iDVD at no charge.  (There are no realistic substitutes.)


    Nicely explain that you may return the computer without iDVD. That usually does the trick.  You MUST speak to a senior advisor to get a free copy. The first tier people cannot do it.






    If that doesn't work you can purchase iLife 11  (includes iDVD) on disk.


    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.



    So if I'm reading this correctly, there is no way I can get iDVD on my new iMac?


    Your new iMac is tested for compatibility with iDVD.   It is easy to install from the iLife 11 DISK.

    I have to use a third party tool (Roxio Toast?) to create a DVD?


    Yes, there are programs that will put a movie on a DVD.   I have tried most of the other substitutes including Toast, Burn, and others.  None of them come anywhere near the ease-of-use and power of iDVD. IDVD is specifically designed to work with iMovie.


    With iDVD you can easily and quickly create DVDs with menus and graphics almost on the level of what Hollywood can do.

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    So I decided I would just buy iLife11 old version to get the iDVD which I reallly want and is the reasons this computer was recommended to me for what I want to do- BUT the only place I can find the ilife old version is Amazon and they will not ship it to Australia.


    SO I rang Apple support just now- only to have it reiterated that iDVD and iWeb are not on my computer- which of course i know !- the Apple staffer said even if she shipped me a hard copy of iDVD I would be unable to load it onto the computer !!!!


    very disinterested now as I have read the third party options are not that good. wish I had not wasted my money now

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    Bengt, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I've seen a number of your posts in the forum that help a lot of people...


    I followed your directions exactly from your post on Nov 23, 2011 but when I try to play the DVD, I get the message "Not Permitted" in the top left corner no matter what I try to do, whether play the movie or go to a chapter. I first created the movie in iMovie6HD and had the same problem. I thought it was possibly because I could do the "Share Media Browser" method of moving the project into iDVD but even doing this in iMovie'11 didn't solve the problem. I am using iDVD 7.0.4 and iMovie '11 9.0.8 on a  2010 iMac with OS X 10.8.2. I am using Sony DVD-R. I saw you recommended Memorex but thought that Sony discs were of high enough quality. Do you have any other suggestions?


    Thank you to anyone who can help!

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6



    I saw you recommended Memorex but thought that Sony discs were of high enough quality. Do you have any other suggestions?


    I NEVER - or was brain dead !


    Never ever . Memorex or any Cheap brands when creating a VIDEO-DVD - for Data DVDs they might do but not for this.


    I only use


    • DVD-R

    • Single Layer

    • Burn speed set to x4 or less


    Sorry if I misguided You.


    Bengt W

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree.  I think it is deplorable to snatch the ability to burn a friggin DVD out of what I thought was the best media computer on the market.  I'm really angry at Apple about this.  I have posted negative comments about apple products before and they sent me an email saying that they blocked the comment from being posted based on their "ranting" policies.  I was like ....***? you friggin kidding me ?  I see they are big supporters of the 1st ammendment huh ? (NOT)

         Now I am faced (3 days before Christmas) with the decision of spending $80.00 to get Roxio Toast to burn my little Christmas present movie to the family, or make them all sit and watch it on the Mac in the kitchen.  Sorry but as I mentioned, ...thats LAME apple.  LAME !   LAAAAAAAAAME !!!!

  • Saddleupjepp Level 1 Level 1

    The app miDVD is perfect for people just making a video. The free version literally puts your file in a menu that is plain green and shows the title. That's it. No chapters or menu setting or anything but it'll burn your movie! Point and click.

  • edgetunes2 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey I realize it's been a year on this thread, but I'm willing to bet people are once again struggling with this now that it's (past!) time for thise family christmas video projects, etc ... Just wanted to say that if your'e looking for a bare bones "get this to CD!" solution, that saddleupjepp's suggestion of miDVD is a great one.  S/He left out the punch line though: it's free!   There is also a "Pro" version with the predictable bells, whisteles, themes, etc, -- and even that is only 9.99 and looks like a good bargain.  I had just about given up and was just using a thumb drive, but it's tough to give those to family members (luddites) -- so hope this helps ...

  • edgetunes2 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh man, I posted to soon.  It seems to make very nice discs -- that won't play in my 18 month old blu ray-dvd player!

  • Petebob Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks Saddleupjepp! Like everyone else, I can't believe Apple have dropped iDVD. I've had mixed results with a number of other DVD 'constructors'.  However, miDVD worked a treat and without a great deal of fuss. It also provides you with a rudimentary title page - all for free! It worked so well that I might purchase the Pro version to get a bit more sophistiction with the presentation side of things if I go on to do more.

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