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I turned on iTM on my ipad and iphone.  It works great on my iphone.  All of my playists show up on both devices.  When I try and play music from a playist on my ipad, the song displayed is not the song that is playing.  When it goes to the next song, it just sits there and doesn't play.  I've downloaded all of the songs in this particular playlist.  Not sure if other people are having the same issue.





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    I have been experiencing same problem for weeks on ipad2 w. 5.0.1.

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    Same problem here.  More specifically, it's on albums that I've matched, then deleted on my Mac, and re-downloaded.  The songs play fine on the Mac, but on the iPhone, they skip to the next song about halfway through.  Theoretically, it's the same copy of the song on both devices, so it's got to be a playback problem on IOS devices.

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    Dutchoven wrote:


    Not sure if other people are having the same issue.

    Yup, unfortunately me too...

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    Exact issue here. Tap Pitbull to play and I get some other weird song in the playlist. I have tried turing the itunes match off in the cloud on my ipad and back on but no luck.

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    The handling of playlists by iTunes Match is a known weak area of the current service - searching this forum will provide good guidance on managing the current performance to best effect.

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    This has happened several times to me since I originally posted. I found it happens when I add more music to a playlist that I already have on my iPad.  Below is a fix. 


    1. Turn off itunes match on your device.  This step is important.

    2. Delete all of the music on your device.  General / Usage / Music

    3. Restart your device.

    4. Turn iTunes Match on

    5. Download the playlist you want.


    I hope Apple fixes this soon.  This fix is not ideal and takes a good bit of time, but it works for now.

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    Yes, but this fix doesn't last long. As within a matter of days it starts all over again. Very frustrating. I was hoping the iOS5.1 would address this, but apparently not for me.