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The new iTunes has a bunch of new features I don't want and need. I tried reinstalling the old one but it says you have a later version so I delete the later version and then try again but it still doesn't work and just comes up with a bunch of other stuff. It was just iTunes 10.5 that was annoying take me back to 10.4

iTunes, Windows Vista
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    We''re simply other users like you, so your last sentence will have no effect.


    If - and I stress if - you were able to re-install iTunes 10.4, your iPod may not work with it if it has been set to work with a later version. For that reason, going back to a previous version of software is not recommended.


    But I have to ask, what exactly are these features you don't want? Can't you simply ignore them or not use them, which would be far simpler? Or change the iTunes interface to whatever it is that you want?