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My iphone 4s was stolen recently.  As soon as I could I logged into icloud and attempted to lock, send a message and locate mz iphone.  The find my iphone html interface at icloud.com shows the date I requested the lock and the date I requested the message be sent.  Its never shown the location of my iphone ...


Ive been following Find My Iphone for awhile now to see what would happen as my iphone likely gets wiped and a new sim installed (although the handset is locked to att).  Just today I now see this name in find my iphone for my ios device rather than the name the device used to have (I only speak english so I dont know what it says ... the language looks like arabic to me ...)


برزلي محمد


Google translate thinks it means something like -mohammed brazilia-


Anybody have any idea what it might mean?  Im suprised I get any change from the icloud that didnt also include confirmation of the delivery of my message and lock ...  Is there anything I can do to report to apple that this iphone is stolen to prevent it from being able to be used with the icloud in the future?  Is there anything Im supposed to do to disassociate this iphone from my icloud account?



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