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I have the new iPhone 4S and I previously owned the 3GS and the original iPhone when it first came out, along with multiple iPods so I have many years of experience with iTunes and how it works on these products. Just as of today though, my iTunes playlists won't sync properly onto my iPhone. All the songs are there, but I can't get it to be formatted as it is on my iTunes. for example, if I have the playlist arranged by Artist name or Date Added on my computer, it won't change on my iPhone. it's stuck on Date Added, with recently added all the way at the bottom. I know this is a small problem but it's extremely annoying when I have over 1000 songs and I can't locate a song. I've tried syncing and resyncing multiple times. I've selected manually manage my music and automatically synced it and it's not changing.


Any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1