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I want to switch from MS Entourage 2004 to Apple Mail.app 4.5 (OS 10.6.8).


I tried to import my e-mails (about 30.000) in Mail.app from Entourage 2004 and I wonder:


is it normal that all the imported mails are now unread and not flagged?

Is there a way to import them and preserve their status (read/unread and flagged/not flagged)?


Is there a way to also preserve the information of categories used in Entourage 2004?

(Mail.app does not seem to have a similar feature, would it be possible to write the categories into a spotlight comment or somewhere else?)


Another problem was:

I tried to import the entire database at once, but ended with a lot of empty folders in Mail.app

So I had to import 13 times some subfolders, because it seems that at a certain point Mail.app does stop importing and only preserves the empty folder structure)

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 13" 2.16 GHz white '07, 3GB, 500GB
  • Greg Andresen Level 1 (70 points)

    I've found that you often have to import your mail from Entourage to Mail bit-by-bit as Mail seems to 'choke' part-way through and you end up with empty folders. With some patience it will all import eventually.


    Have you look at this webpage?




    There are some links there to scripts you can use to export your data, hopefully while retaining important Entourage information (#3 under "Bacics for exporting your data").


    Good luck!